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Rafe (given name)

Rafe is an English, Scandinavian and German given name for a male, used in many countries across the world but most popular in English-speaking countries. It is of Old Norse origin (meaning "counsel of the wolf" or "wise wolf"), derived from the Old Norse Raðulfr (rað "counsel" + ulfr "wolf") through Old English Rædwulf.

It can be of Irish origin (meaning "strong").




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The word for fish in Yiddish, fish. The first diacritic (the line over the pei) is a rafe.

Other Niqqud

Shva Hiriq Zeire Segol Patach Kamatz Holam Dagesh Mappiq Shuruk KubutzRafe Sin/Shin Dot

In Hebrew orthography the rafe, or more commonly spelt raphe , is a diacritic , a subtle horizontal overbar placed above certain letters to indicate that they are to be pronounced as fricatives.

It originated with the Tiberian Masoretes as part of the extended system of niqqud (vowel points), and has the opposite meaning to dagesh qal, showing that one of the letters בגדכפת is to be pronounced as a fricative and not as a plosive, or (sometimes) that a consonant is single and not double; or, as the opposite to a mappiq, to show that the letters ה or א are silent ( mater lectionis).

The rafe generally fell out of use for Hebrew with the coming of printing, although according to Gesenius (1813) at that time it could still be found in a few places in printed Hebrew Bibles, where the absence of a dagesh or a mappiq was particularly to be noted. (e.g. Exodus 20:13,14,15; Deuteronomy 5:13,17,18,19; 2 Samuel 11:1; Isaiah 22:10; Jeremiah 20:17; Psalm 119:99; Zechariah 5:11)

In some siddurs (e.g. those printed by ArtScroll) a diacritical symbol, typographically the same as the rafe, but utterly unrelated, is used to mark instances of "moving sheva" (Shva Na).

Usage examples of "rafe".

Wickenburg tied off the cord and cut it, then quickly cleaned the baby and gave her to Rafe to hold while the afterbirth came and she took care of Annie.

But while Batt fiddled around with his files of registered candidates, Rafe thought, he would go hunting on his own.

Rafe was out on the terrace, admiring the view in the dusk light and thinking that this place really was a fantasy come true when Isabel emerged from the bure, looking like something out of the Arabian Nights.

The sun was shining in through the open doorway of the bure, indicating Rafe was already up, probably having his early-morning swim.

Unusual and rare were among the more polite descriptors for those such as himself whose paranormal abilities did not fit into the normal range, Rafe reflected.

And then, after Rafe had finally succeeded in building a small, rather shaky fort with his own erector set, Selby had used his catapult to knock down the walls.

Rafe explained huskily as his hips started to gyrate forcefully in an upward rhythm that caused her breath to leave her.

Rafe and Selby had left the Icer parked on a side street and simply walked up to the front gate.

Rafe knew he would never be truly at peace with himself until Keeling was caught.

And Cristobel was staring at Rafe, a little liquorish smile playing around her mouth.

Rafe started her on the long, slow climb to their tanker station as Narc began cycling through volumes of kneeboard cards to figure out how he could talk to their fighter cover--the entire launch and deployment was being done EM CON Senior Chief began inserting radar frequencies into a computer hit list.

There was too much to see and do to linger long in any one of the many trendy caf6s lining the boule vards and avenues, and she returned to the hotel each evening in time to shower, change, dine, then explore the city by night with Rafe in attendance.

Rafe supported his weight as he rested against her, nuzzling the sensitive hollow at the edge of her neck, then he trailed his lips to her breast to tease and pro voke the burgeoning peak.

Last summer Rafe Storey had lost his hired hand, and Clay Cavanaugh had, without asking Bret about it, sent his oldest son over to the Storey place to help out some.

Kane stated, just as Rafe and Milah made it in from the family room trailing the kids and Justice.