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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Radiophone \Ra"di*o*phone\ (r[=a]"d[i^]*[-o]*f[=o]n), n. [Radio- + Gr. fwnh` sound.]

  1. (Physics) An apparatus for the production of sound by the action of luminous or thermal rays. It is essentially the same as the photophone.

  2. a telephone using radio waves, rather than wires, to convey the voice signal.


n. 1 a photophone 2 a radiotelephone


n. a telephone that communicates by radio waves rather than along cables [syn: radiotelephone, wireless telephone]

Usage examples of "radiophone".

He looks at the baffling, tiny-printed instructions on the back plate of his radiophone, works through the fine-tuned wavelengths for the other groups in his bootstrapped organization.

The crackle of the radiophones and walkie-talkies reached a pitch approaching hysteria.

The range of the radiophones was generally limited to a mile, but in open country, in clear weather, contact could be established at two miles.

He thumbed up the cover and keyed in the broad-band frequency to connect to both Brigid and Kane's radiophones at the same time.