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n. (plural of rack English)

Racks (song)

"Racks" is a song by American hip hop recording artist YC, originally from his mixtape Got Racks. The song features vocals from fellow rapper Future and produced by Sonny Digital and Student. The song, which serves as his debut single, was released for digital download in the United States on May 20, 2011. The song also peaked on No. 43 within the top fifty in the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed on the charts for 17 weeks.

Racks (album)


Racks is the thirty-eighth studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the eight installment of the Buckethead Pikes Series.

The album was announced and released on September 20, 2012 along with the following two Pike installments, March of the Slunks and The Silent Picture Book.

Usage examples of "racks".

The racks holding the barrels swayed slightly as I landed and pushed off again, little glowing spits and spats of thick reactive paint spraying behind me as lead chewed the air.

Its underside glowed with reactive paint, and I could see the metal cage on top where the operator would guide the AI deck through manipulating the dangling tentacles of crabhooks to pick up five racks at a time and transport them to the staging area.

We walked down the hall, through the neat little kitchen with its racks of potted herbs in the window and the suncatcher above lazily hanging on a string.

Steel lockers took up one side of the room, tools hung neatly, racks of equipment and scanners.

Blue-striped bunk pads placed on the torpedo racks gave the Team operators a reasonable level of comfort.

The fact that the SEALs were bunking with racks of torpedoes, each with a 650-pound high explosive warhead, did not affect the men in the slightest.

On either side of the compartment were additional smaller racks which also held torpedoes.

The multiple layers of torpedo racks kept any of the men from sitting up or on the edges of the racks.

The redhead nods, his eyes going past her to the racks of weapons that line the space, which is less than twenty cubits square.

It was full of modern metal racks, brown-painted, held together with chromium-plated nuts and bolts.

I shoved my way along the rest of the aisle through the racks, my shoulders and arms colliding with the shelves, and dislodging several of the plastic labels.

They had racks of the stuff both in the warehouse and in the yard out back.

The floors had been thoroughly swept, and though faint traces of sawdust were visible in the rafters, on the windowsills, and along the top edges of the tool racks, this place was no typical messy woodshop.

Tim and Hank the computer salesmen still on the phone, whole racks of clothing, jewelry, knickknacks, clocks, televisions.

Gossip would soon be regarded as fact, embroidered until a Spanish fleet had been seen on the horizon and priests in long black robes had been sighted striding down from the mountains, followed by mules dragging carts loaded with the racks of the Inquisition.