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init. 1 (initialism of Recombinant Advisory Committee English) 2 (initialism of Recreation and Athletics Centre English) 3 (initialism of Regional Advisory Committee English) 4 (context computing databases English) (initialism of Real Application Cluster English) 5 (context UK English) (initialism of w:Royal Automobile Club Royal Automobile Club English) 6 (lb en music genre) (initialism of rock against communism lang=en dot=), a subgenre of hardcore punk associated with neo-nazism.


RAC or Rac may refer to:

Rac (GTPase)

Rac is a subfamily of the Rho family of GTPases, small (~21 kDa) signaling G proteins (more specifically a GTPase).

The subgroup include:

  • Rac1
  • Rac2
  • Rac3
  • RhoG

Some research has suggested that Rac could be involved in mediating the process of forgetting.

RAC (musician)

RAC is the solo indie-electronic, Grammy-nominated project of André Allen Anjos. RAC created more than 200 remixes in the rock, electronica, and dance music remixes for various musical artists, with its work features on ads from Citigroup and Hulu, among others. Its live, five-piece touring act has been featured at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Bumbershoot, Corona Capital music festival and Lollapalooza music festival.

Rác (surname)

Rác or Racz is Hungarian language surname derived from " Rascians", an early term for Serbs. It may refer to:

  • Aladár Rácz (1886–1958), Hungarian cimbalom player
  • Andy Racz (born 1930), American soccer player
  • Felix Rácz (born 1973), Hungarian businessman
  • Ferenc Rácz (born 1991), Hungarian football player
  • Gabor B. Racz (born 1937), American physician
  • István Rácz (botanist) (born 1952), Hungarian botanist
  • Jenő Rácz (Minister of Finance) (1907–1981), Hungarian politician
  • Lajos Rácz (born 1952), Hungarian wrestler
  • László Rác Szabó (born 1957), Serbian politician
  • Mihaly Racz Rajna (born 1934), Hungarian actor
  • Róbert Rácz (born 1967), Hungarian politician
  • Sándor Rácz (1933–2013), Hungarian politician
  • Vali Racz (1911–1997), Hungarian singer and actress
  • Vilmos Rácz (1889–1976), Hungarian athlete
  • Zsófia Rácz (born 1988), Hungarian football player

Usage examples of "rac".

It was late at night, halfway between dusk and dawn, and every good Rac in the valley should be in bed.

They should remain, as much a remembrance and a promise as the Worldtree that dominated the valley and the Rac culture.

There was the great mural that covered the long far wall with a depiction of all Rac history from the creation to the building of Worldtree Center.

When he looked at that portion of the mural, Dotson touched the side of his flattened, chinless muzzle in an abbreviated version of the Rac greeting gesture.

There were also those who came great distances to worship at the center of the Rac civilization, in the valley where once the Remakers had created their kind.

It proved to be the latest version of the mechanical arm that would aid the building of the space station Rac engineers planned to place in orbit above their world.

Next a scientist was saluted for discovering a drug that would increase Rac fertility and hence the size of the population that struggled to pursue the destiny the Remakers had assigned the Racs.

They uttered sounds pitched above the range Rac ears could hear and used the echoes to navigate.

He could almost see the stalk as a body, a Rac wrapped in a green robe to blur its outlines, the terminal bud a head tipped attentively in his direction.

If a Rac child had ever looked like that, its parents would have called a physician, who surely would have called it underdeveloped, weak, anemic, sickly, doomed to die an early death.

She had learned to do that so well, almost well enough to pass, if only she looked more like a Rac and less like a god.

He had chosen a pair of dolls, one Rac, one Remaker, and a wooden Worldtree with a set of brightly painted graduated rings.

Whatever it was that had brought every Rac out of doors had spread its influence much wider than the valley alone.

When the alien ship thundered out of the sky, Dotson and Sunglow and every other Rac covered their ears with their hands and squinted and screamed great screams of neither joy nor dread.

And if you take me from here and the Rac who sowed my seed and tended me, I will surely denounce you.