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n. a god associated with the sun

Usage examples of "sun-god".

Then came the various Sun-Gods, Adityas or Solar Attributes, Surya the Heavenly, Savitri the Progenitor, Pashan the Nourisher, Bagha the Felicitous, and Mitra the Friend.

Rhode, Rhodes A vague figure in late Greek mythology, she was the daughter of the sea queen Amphitrite and goddess of the island named for her, Rhodes-a place also sacred to her mate the sun-god Helios.

And most of the French Railway officials agreed that the Argentinean anthem, like the sun-god flag, was a bit overdone.

One division of the Heliopolitan school retained the use of traditional terms and images in reference to these Sun-gods.

The world, and the spherical envelope that surrounds it, were represented by a mystic egg, by the side of the image of the Sun-God whose Mysteries were celebrated.

The mutilation and sufferings of the same Sun-God, honored in Phrygia under the name of Atys, caused the tragic scenes that were, as we learn from Diodorus Siculus, represented annually in the Mysteries of Cybele, mother of the Gods.

It was required of the race of the Pharaohs of Egypt that it should be descended from the Sun-god Ra, and the Pharaoh could boast of this high descent only through his mother--Ani through both parents.

PHOEBUS WITH ADMETUS I When by Zeus relenting the mandate was revoked, Sentencing to exile the bright Sun-God, Mindful were the ploughmen of who the steer had yoked, Who: and what a track showed the upturned sod!

The Star will beam upon me suddenly, And ere the sun-god waketh from his sleep, The dear one shall be mine for whom I weep, Mine, mine alone for all eternity.

With joy does the awaking publican look forth upon the blue-misty heavens, and address his adorations to the Sun-god, inspirer of thirst.

And this is probably the origin of the comparative value of these metals: they became the precious metals because they were the sacred metals, and gold was more valuable than silver--just as the sun-god was the great god of the nations, while the mild moon was simply an attendant upon the sun.

The symbol for the name of the sun-god Baal was once more the pressure point.

He details the breadth of shoulder, the regal curve of flaming red beard down onto a chest where the muscle bulges smooth and hard as the boulders upon the hills of Zamboa, the legs like strong saplings, the smile like the warm blessing of the sun-god Baal, and he ends with the line, ‘.