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alt. 1 (label en slang) rock and roll. 2 (label en military dated) rest and recuperation, rest and recreation, or rest and relaxation. n. 1 (label en slang) rock and roll. 2 (label en military dated) rest and recuperation, rest and recreation, or rest and relaxation. phr. (label en fandom slang) read and review; used to request that people read a work (generally fan fiction) and give feedback on it.


R&R may refer to:

R&R (magazine)

R&R (also known as the "new" Radio & Records) was a weekly music trade publication that followed the radio industry and tracked the monitoring of current songs by format, station and audience cumes. The magazine was a sister publication to Billboard magazine and was mostly available through subscription to people who work in the radio industry and music chart enthusiasts, as well as various record stores and newsstands. On June 5, 2009, parent company AC Nielsen ceased operations on R&R just short of three years after acquiring the former independent trade periodical. When it ceased publication in 2009, R&R was the successor-in-interest of publications that traced their operations back to 1973.

R&R (military)

R&R, military slang for rest and recuperation (or rest and relaxation or rest and recreation or "rock and roll"), is a term used for the free time of a soldier or international UN staff serving in unaccompanied (no family) duty stations. The term is used by a number of militaries such as the United States Armed Forces and British Armed Forces. The US Morale, Welfare and Recreation network provides leisure services for US military personnel. In the UK, the term applies to a type of leave granted to personnel during an overseas deployment which allows them to return home to the UK to visit their family.

Service members and US Defense Department civilians on 12-month tours in Iraq and Jordan supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom have a rest and recuperation leave program that allows them to take up to 15 days, excluding travel time, to visit family or friends in the United States or Europe.

Prostitution has long been part of what military men have participated in as part of their "R&R," and has been condoned by civilian populations in peacetime and wartime since early history, although some see it as a problem due to human trafficking concerns. Japan after the unconditional surrender to the United States at the end of the Second World War in 1945 and South Korea during the 1950s saw the effective institution of "camp towns" around the US bases, where brothels were allowed to operate unfettered. In 2006, the Department of Defense made it a crime for a servicemember to hire a prostitute anywhere in the world; the penalties can include up to a year in prison, forfeiture of pay, and a dishonorable discharge. This change was criticized by some in Europe, where prostitution is legal and regulated in some countries.

R&R (Rare & Remixed)

R&R (Rare & Remixed) is a compilation made by BT. It contains various remixes of BT's songs, BT's remixes of other artists' songs, and unreleased unmixed BT songs. It is a double album, and is also BT's first compilation album, released in 2001.

Usage examples of "r&r".

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