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n. (label en film) cumulative box office receipts. vb. (label en film) Earn cumulatively at the box office.


In the practice of measuring the size of US commercial broadcasting and newspaper audiences, cume, short for "cumulative audience", is a measure of the total number of unique consumers over a specified period.

The technical definition of cume is restricted by Arbitron, which is now referred to as Nielsen Audio, as requiring a listener to tune in for at least five minutes.

Usage examples of "cume".

Top talk radio audiences by size (weekly cume low-end estimates 12-plus in millions rounded off to the nearest .

Tell me again about the cume potential," he said to the television man.

That title almost certainly belongs to a slightly earlier but also very wealthy British collector named Hugh Cuming, who became so preoccupied with accumulating objects that he built a large oceangoing ship and employed a crew to sail the world full-time, picking up whatever they could find—birds, plants, animals of all types, and especially shells.