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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Woodward believes the quintuplet would benefit from playing alongside and against players of National League First Division and international standard.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Quintuplet \Quin"tu*plet\, n. [From Quintuple.]

  1. A collection or combination of five of a kind.

  2. pl. Five children born in the same labor.

  3. (Mus.) A group of five connected notes; a turn of five notes.

  4. A cycle having five crank shafts and adapted for five riders, all of whom can assist in the propulsion.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1873, "set of five things" (originally in music), from quintuple (adj.) with ending from triplet. In plural, "five children at one birth" it is recorded from 1889.


n. 1 One of a group of five babies born from the same mother during the same birth. 2 (context music English) A tuplet of five notes to be played in the time for four. 3 A collection or combination of five things. 4 A cycle adapted for five riders, all of whom can assist in the propulsion.

  1. n. the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one [syn: five, 5, V, cinque, quint, quintet, fivesome, pentad, fin, Phoebe, Little Phoebe]

  2. one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy [syn: quint, quin]

Usage examples of "quintuplet".

In the year 1731 there was one case of quintuplets in Upper Saxony and another near Prague, Bohemia.

Pare in 1549 gives several instances of 5 children at a birth, and Pliny reports that in the peninsula of Greece there was a woman who gave birth to quintuplets on four different occasions.

Petritus, a Greek physician, speaks of the birth of quintuplets at the seventh month.

Not far from Berne, Switzerland, the wife of John Gelinger, a preacher in the Lordship of Berne, brought forth twins, and within a year after she brought forth quintuplets, 3 sons and 2 daughters.

The Lancet relates an account of the birth of quintuplets, 2 boys and 3 girls, by the wife of a peasant on March 1, 1854.

Aristotle is credited with saying that he knew the history of a woman who had quintuplets four times.

We do not walk ganged, Stencil, all our separate selves, like Siamese quintuplets or more.

She opened all her cupboards, chests, and boxes and spread out all her beaded rubbish, enough baby jackets, baby pants, and bibs to clothe a set of quintuplets, held them up against me, tried them on, and took them off again.

The camera panned on five babies, quintuplets dressed in white pajamas, in a row on a blanket.

His lawyer had cited an early twentieth-century case in which a set of quintuplets had been declared wards of the Canadian government and the detrimental effect the action had on those children.

Me and the Dionne quintuplets could fit in here, with space left over for a couple of half-hounds.

Lauren was wearing a new maternity top that, to my eye, had enough gussets sewn into the front to permit her to carry quintuplets to term.

You could have quintuplets by a Barbary ape and it wouldn't affect how I feel about you.

Look at what's happened in the past to quintuplets, who are a natural if infrequent occurrence.