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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Another team reported finding where all the old quasars have gone.
▪ Astron will also observe the very distant and powerful quasars.
▪ Discovered in the early 1960s, quasars at first seemed to be small, bright stars.
▪ Intense searches have revealed no optical or other signal from the partner, nor does it eclipse the quasar.
▪ It seems inescapable that two images of a single quasar have been observed.
▪ Perhaps part of the redshift in quasars and unusual galaxies is not, after all, due to the expanding Universe.
▪ Recent studies of quasars have identified multiple images produced in this way.
▪ The quasar pair UM673A and UM673B both have red shifts of 2.72 and are separated by 2.2 arcsec.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1964, from "quas(i-stell)ar radio source" (1963); from quasi- + stellar.


n. (context galaxy English) An extragalactic object, starlike in appearance, that is among the most luminous and thought to be the most distant objects in the universe.


n. a starlike object that may send out radio waves and other forms of energy; large red shifts imply enormous recession velocities [syn: quasi-stellar radio source]


Quasars or quasi-stellar radio sources are the most energetic and distant members of a class of objects called active galactic nuclei (AGN). Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that appeared to be similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies. Their spectra contain very broad emission lines, unlike any known from stars, hence the name "quasi-stellar." Their luminosity can be 100 times greater than that of the Milky Way. Most quasars were formed approximately 12 billion years ago, and they are normally caused by collisions of galaxies, with the galaxies' central black holes merging to form either a supermassive black hole or a binary black hole system.

Although the true nature of these objects was controversial until the early 1980s, there is now a scientific consensus that a quasar is a compact region in the center of a massive galaxy surrounding a central supermassive black hole. Its size is 10–10,000 times the Schwarzschild radius of the enclosed black hole. The energy emitted by a quasar derives from mass falling onto the accretion disc around the black hole.

Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)

Quasar (Wendell Elvis Vaughn) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is one of Marvel's cosmic heroes, a character whose adventures frequently take him into outer space or other dimensions. However, Quasar deviates from the archetype of the noble, dauntless alien set by such Silver Age cosmic heroes as the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock and Captain Mar-Vell in that he is an everyman. He starred in an eponymous monthly ongoing series written by Mark Gruenwald that ran for sixty issues beginning in 1989 and has served as a member of The Avengers. In 2012, Quasar was ranked 36th in IGN's list of "The Top 50 Avengers".

Quasar (brand)

Quasar is a North American brand of electronics, first used by Motorola in 1967 for a model line of transistorized color televisions. These TVs were marketed containing all serviceable parts in a drawer beside the picture tube. It was then established as a subsidiary brand, with all Motorola-manufactured televisions being sold as Quasar by Motorola. Motorola later sold its consumer electronics division to Matsushita Electric, who continued producing and marketing televisions under the Quasar brand until 2005. In 2013, Panasonic (Matsushita's new corporate name as of 2008) resurrected the name as a value brand.

Quasar (motorcycle)

The Quasar is a semi-enclosed feet forward motorcycle, created by Malcolm Newell and Ken Leaman, who made a number of similar vehicles. It repurposed an 850 cc four-cylinder inline engine used in the Reliant Robin three-wheeled light car and is capable of cruising at 90–100 mph (145–160 km/h) and exceeding 100 mph in favourable conditions.

Quasar (comics)

Quasar is the name of several fictional superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe.

Quasar (video game)

Quasar is a snake game for the Apple II computer, created by Jonathan Dubman and published by Aristotle Software in 1983.

Quasar (song)

"Quasar" is a song by American alternative rock band, The Smashing Pumpkins. It is the opening track of the band's eighth studio album Oceania, released on June 19, 2012. The song was written and produced by the band's frontman Billy Corgan and was co-produced by Bjorn Thorsrud.

Quasar (album)

Quasar is an album by American jazz composer and arranger Jimmy Giuffre which was released on the Itlaian Soul Note label in 1985.

Quasar (Czech company)

Quasar is a Czech aircraft manufacturer based in Dolní Bečva and founded by Karel Haman. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of hang gliders in the form of ready-to-fly aircraft, plus ultralight trike wings.

The company produces a wide range of hang glider wings that has included beginner wings, like the Quasar Tramp, intermediate wings, such as the Quasar 2000 and the Quasar Flavio that was designed by world hang gliding champion Tomáš Suchánek plus the competition topless Quasar Relief wing design.

Quasar (disambiguation)

Quasar is an astronomical body producing vast amounts of energy.

Quasar may also refer to:

  • Aeroalcool Quasar, a Brazilian light aircraft
  • Quasar (brand), a brand of electronics
  • Quasar (Czech company), a hang glider manufacturer
  • Quasar (comics), a comic book character
  • Quasar (laser tag), a laser tag system in the UK and Ireland, also known as Q-Zar
  • Quasar (motorcycle), a feet forward motorcycle with a hard top
  • Quasar (satellite), a military satellite
  • "Quasar" (song), a song by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Quasar (album), an album by Jimmy Giuffre
  • Quasimidi Quasar, a sound synthesizer
  • Quassar, a defunct Mexican airline
  • Quazar, former ring name of professional wrestler César Curiel
Quasar (band)

Quasar was formed in 1979 by founder Keith Turner. They found themselves to be amongst a movement of British bands during the early 1980s, including Marillion, Pendragon, IQ, Twelfth Night, Solstice and Pallas, that continued in the progressive rock style created by 1970s bands such as Genesis and Yes. Though Quasar has had quiet times due to leaving members, they and are now based in San Francisco. They are currently working on a new album for release in 2015.

Usage examples of "quasar".

June 1968 Analog that suggested the quasars are actually interstellar spacecraft within our own galaxy.

When the ritual of obstructionism to obtain the spectra of the BSOs ensued, Margaret Burbridge, a Briton with over fifty years of observational experience, bypassed the regular channels to make the measurement herself using the relatively small 3-meter reflector telescope on Mount Hamilton outside San Jose in California, and confirmed them to be quasars.

Variable stars, pulsars, spinars and quasars within the galaxy and out of it had each their effects upon the subfoundation of space through which the starship moved.

Thus it was in 1963 that Hoyle and William Fowler, astrophysicist from CalTech, proposed that the quasars might be supermassive objects relatively close to our own galaxy.

This opaque object was classified as a nonstandard quasar, as if there were such a thing as a standard quasar.

Incidentally, the Seyfert galaxies resemble the quasars in many respects, including the fact that they both tend to show sizable variations in light and radio output.

Arp found their association with quasar pairs to be so strong that it could almost be said to be a predictable attribute of Seyfert galaxies.

So the high redshift, quasarlike Seyfert ejected from the low redshift spiral was itself ejecting a pair of yet-higher-redshift sources, which turned out to be quasars.

Arp found that on charts showing quasar positions, pairing the quasars by redshift almost always leads to finding a cataloged Seyfert close to the center point between them.

She also removed the obvious quasars and Seyfert galaxies that masqueraded as brown dwarfs in her survey.

Variable stars, pulsars, spinars and quasars within the galaxy and out of it had each their effects upon the subfoundation of space through which the starship moved.

He visited Earth and met the australopithecines, he helped chart gas clouds and quasars, he ferried crews to outposts and construction projects.

Pulsars and quasars, both brilliant beacons glimpsed across the cosmos, had proved to be powered by small specks of compressed mass, resolved only decades after their emissions made them obvious.

There were clusters of freckles on her forearms and wrists, an entire Milky Way spreading across her forehead, even a few sputtering quasars flung into the wormholes of her ears.

They had cobbled together ideas from the study of pulsars and quasars and their story fit together reasonably well.