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Qiupalong is a genus of extinct ornithomimid theropods from the Late Cretaceous of what is now China. It is known from a single occurrence preserving partial hips and hindlimbs, that was described in 2011. The team describing it, Xu et al., found it to represent a new taxon, which they gave the binomial Qiupalong henanensis. The genus name comes from the Qiupa Formation, where the specimen comes from, and the Chinese word long, meaning "dragon". The specific epithet is derived from the taxon's occurrence in the Henan Province. Quipalong is from the late Late Cretaceous, based on the age of the Quipa Formation. Qiupalong is the first definitive Asian ornithomimid from outside of the Gobi Desert and is the southern-most occurrence of Late Cretaceous Ornithomimidae from eastern Asia.