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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pyrene \Py"rene\, n. [Gr. ? fire.] (Chem.) One of the less volatile hydrocarbons of coal tar, obtained as a white crystalline substance, C16H10.


Pyrene \Py"rene\, n. (Bot.) Same as Pyrena.


Etymology 1 n. (context chemistry English) A polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon containing four fused benzene rings; first isolated from coal tar Etymology 2

n. (context botany English) the stone of a drupe

  1. n. a pale yellow crystalline hydrocarbon C16H10 extracted from coal tar

  2. the small hard nutlet of a drupe or drupelet; the seed and the hard endocarp that surrounds it


Pyrene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) consisting of four fused benzene rings, resulting in a flat aromatic system. The chemical formula is . This colorless solid is the smallest peri-fused PAH (one where the rings are fused through more than one face). Pyrene forms during incomplete combustion of organic compounds.

Pyrene (disambiguation)

Pyrene may refer to:

  • Pyrene, a chemical compound.
  • Pyrene (mythology), consort of Ares and the mother of Cycnus in Greek mythology
  • Pyrene, a Celtic city near the sources of the Danube mentioned by Herodotus: see Heuneburg#Pyrene?
  • The Pyrene Company Limited, a manufacturer of firefighting equipment
  • The Pyrene Building, Golden Mile (Brentford), a noted former Pyrene Company factory in London, England in the Art Deco style
  • Pyrene (gastropod), a genus of sea snails from the family Columbellidae
  • Pyrena, a kind of nutlet
  • Pyrenees, a mountain range between France and Spain
Pyrene (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Pyrene may refer to:

  • Pyrene, daughter of King Bebrycius and a lover of Hercules. She bore a serpent and became so terrified that she fled to the woods where she died. Hercules created a tomb for her by piling up rocks thus forming the mountain range of the Pyrenees, named after her.
  • Pyrene, also called Pelopia, mother of Cycnus with Ares.
Pyrene (gastropod)

Pyrene is a genus of small sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Columbellidae.

Usage examples of "pyrene".

I had no kind memories of Pyrene, not of my creche-guardian, my teachers, my classmates.

He listened closely and asked questions about Pyrene and Athena, my friends and what I did there.

One dream kept recurring, the time when I was three years old in the creche kitchen on Pyrene, and I spilled boiling water on my hands.

I was beginning to feel that the Pyrene creche setup made more sense than all this family intensity, and I was tempted to say so.

I was willing to save the money and skip Pyrene, the usual third point on the tours.

Athena you have to tip waiters for good service, and on Pyrene they consider that blackmail.

Theodora of Pyrene sets out with lance and steed to storm the castle of the green knight.

And I wondered fleetingly and for ncf logical reason what my guardian-mother on Pyrene had thought when I left without looking back.

It was the first time that any thought of leaving Pyrene which was not tinged with relief had ever crossed my mind.

There were several vehicles parked there: four by fours like the one we were in, riot control vehicles like the old Pyrene water cannon on a Foden chassis and the usual patrol cars.

I have mentioned that Mount Pyrene was so called from being a fountain of fire: such mountains often have hot streams in their vicinity, which are generally of great utility.

I have taken notice, that the name of the mountain Pyrene signified a fountain of fire, and that the mountain had once flamed.