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Etymology 1 n. A Hindu scripture. Etymology 2

n. (context botany English) Any member of the genus (taxlink Puya genus noshow=1) of bromeliad plants.

Puya (genus)

Puya is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Pitcairnioideae. These terrestrial plants are native to the Andes Mountains of South America and southern Central America. Many of the species are monocarpic, with the parent plant dying after one flower and seed production event.

The species Puya raimondii is notable as the largest species of bromeliad known, reaching 3 m tall in vegetative growth with a flower spike 9–10 m tall. The other species are also large, with the flower spikes mostly reaching 1–4 m tall.

The name Puya was derived from the Mapuche Indian word meaning "point".

The genus is commonly divided into two subgenera, Puya, containing eight species, and Puyopsis containing the remainder. The subgenera can be distinguished by the presence of a sterile inflorescence at the branch apex in Puya, which are fertile in Puyopsis.


Puya may refer to:

  • Culoepuya, Venezuelan drums of Congolese origin
  • Puya, a Romanian rapper from the hip-hop, rap group La Familia
  • Puya (band), a progressive metal band from Puerto Rico
  • Puya (genus), in the family Bromeliaceae
  • Puya River, in Russia
Puya (album)

Puya is the self-titled debut album of the Puerto Rican progressive metal band of the same name, released in 1995 by the Pomano Beach, Florida independent record label Noiz Boiz.

Puya (band)

Puya is a Puerto Rican progressive metal band. Formed in 1991, the band rose to prominence with their fusion of salsa and heavy metal.

Since 1995, Puya has released three studio albums, one extended play and one live album.