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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Mrs Crump was too pushy or too arch.
Pushy journalists shouted questions from the crowd.
▪ A good salesman is polite, enthusiastic, and not too pushy.
▪ A person who writes concise e-mail messages may seem impulsive, opportunistic, pushy, overbearing, foolish, or simply rude.
▪ Besides, some heads like to lord it over local parents - particularly over the pushy ones.
▪ It sounds pushy, beginning every sentence with a verb like that.
▪ She was very pushy, you know.
▪ They are materialistic and pushy, motivated by acquisition, competition, and getting ahead.
▪ To them, she appeared an interfering busybody, a pushy incomer meddling with their heritage.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"forward, aggressive," 1894 of persons (1891 of a cow), from push (v.) + -y (2). Related: Pushily; pushiness.


a. Aggressively ambitious; overly assertive, bold or determined.

  1. adj. marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative; "an aggressive young exective"; "a pushful insurance agent"; "a pushing youth intent on getting on in the world" [syn: aggressive, enterprising, pushful, pushing]

  2. [also: pushiest, pushier]

Usage examples of "pushy".

A Bridgeport housewife in her mid-thirties, ash-blond, goodlooking, pushy and nervous and practically falling into MR.

Mang and Pushy exchanged a few words, and Pushy handed Mang the stupid snow globe, that being the only thing in my overnight bag that had obviously confused him.

As he was writing, he said something in Vietnamese, and Pushy replied.

Yet nothing else had been taken, and I gave Colonel Mang and his stooge credit for honesty and professionalism, despite Pushy trying to shake me down for twenty bucks.

What would he do if he tried to be pushy and somebody pushed him back?

Maybe try being pushy with his big-mouth next-door neighbor, the no-talent jock.

He would find it easier to talk to a male healer, than another pushy female.

And it should always be borne in mind that even if Mma Potokwane was pushy, she never pushed for things for herself.

Sophy Bisset was a very pushy sort of girl and Hamish was putty in the hands of pushy girls.

They were joined by sober clubmen, starchy hostesses, pushy matchmakers, giggling girls fresh from the schoolroom.

The Afrikaner was pushy and self-centered, with an abrasive personality.

Just beyond the foot of the dune, Claus passed through a gate in the high fence of fused rock designed to keep out drifting sand-with no land vegetation of any kind to hold the dunes in place, they tended sometimes to get pushy.

The commercials are lean in the writing and subtle in the acting, in contrast to most commercials in which the writing is excessive, pushy, adjective-laden, and unbelievable in dialogue.

The traffic, crowds and noise increased never had Eliste heard such noise, or seen such mobs of noisy, pushy, busy people.

There were a few angry glares and muttered comments about pushy Solos, but the presence of a war droid and the fact that the group was not cutting forward limited the objections to the nonphysical kind.