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n. (alternative form of push-up English)


n. an arm exercise performed lying face to the floor and pushing the body up and down with the arms [syn: press-up]

Usage examples of "pushup".

There was a two minute rest after the pushups, then fifty sit-ups in two minutes.

A fitness buff, he would often drop to the floor of the Caltech dining hall or other public areas and do one-armed pushups to demonstrate his virility to anyone who seemed inclined to doubt it.

Dreiser had not seen her do six hundred one-hand pushups in barracks once, on a bet.

He placed it firmly out of his mind and walked on, thinking of pushups versus situps and wondering if the bookstore had gotten his texts in yet.

Her twelve hadn't taken a third as long as his forty-two, and when Esau had finished his chin-ups, Fong had ordered him to do fifty pushups for the backflash.

You go do some pushups or take some anabolic steroids or whatever it is you do before a fight and I'll sort this out.

He told the master sergeant how many chin-ups he'd done, and about the fifty pushups, not withholding what they'd been for.

Then, driven by barking second-tier cadre, they ran hard to the chin-up bars, a bar per man, where they alternated between sets of ten chin-ups, fifteen pushups, and thirty side-straddle hops, each exercise serving as rest from the one before.

They did a workout in the gym, in which Bean immediately began working on the exercises that he thought he'd need -- one-armed pushups and pullups being the most important, though they had to get a stool for him to stand on in order to reach the lowest chinning bar.

So he began doing pushups, situps, and knee-bends during class breaks.

He stopped, stripped off his shirt, and crouching, planched into a handstand, then walked on his hands for her on the uneven ground, ending with a dozen handstand pushups.

He worked out with weights in the gym, sprinted several laps, and did pushups and sit-ups until his body's natural opiates kicked in.