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Crossword clues for pushes


n. (plural of push English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: push)

Usage examples of "pushes".

Henry runs his fingers over the console and pushes the button for the tuner.

Even when he has stepped through the front door (he pushes it open so hard the brass letter slot gives a nonsensical little clack), there is no answer.

The next pair of eyes to meet hers belong to Chipper, who pushes Flora Flostad's wheelchair as if it held a crate of oranges and gives her an impatient glare completely at odds with the easy smile on his face.

Fred Marshall pushes the button marked 5, and the elevator shudders upward.

A man seated behind a polished wooden counter pushes a button that unlocks a double-sized metal door with a WARD D sign and a small window of reinforced glass.

He pushes in between Mouse and Kaiser Bill, making himself a place: the Thunder Five Plus One.

The knot on his head throbs, and every time he witnesses that poor excuse for a cop sneaking up behind him with his flashlight raised, he pushes his fingers into the thick, curly hair at the back of his head and gently palpates it.

Tansy Freneau pushes herself off the door and takes two light, delicate steps toward him.

Beezer pushes himself off his stool and walks around to the back of the bar.

When he heads into the curve that leads to Black House, the wheels are already tilting dangerously, and Mouse's sideways jerk of revulsion pushes them over beyond the possibility of correction.

The wonderbullet pushes the animal sideways and distracts it from Mouse's leg.

Mouse takes the handles and pushes his machine forward, wincing as he goes.

He pushes it down the track after the others, marveling at the pain in his head and the quantity of blood on his body.

Henry pushes the button on the switchblade, feels the long blade leap out, and thrusts it forward.

When he gets one foot, clad in another resident's bee slipper, on the rim of the bowl, he pushes himself up and steps out, wobbling a bit.