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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pupa \Pu"pa\, n.; pl. L. Pup[ae], E. Pupas. [L. pupa girl. doll, puppet, fem. of pupus. Cf. Puppet.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) Any insect in that stage of its metamorphosis which usually immediately precedes the adult, or imago, stage.

    Note: Among insects belonging to the higher orders, as the Hymenoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, the pupa is inactive and takes no food; in the lower orders it is active and takes food, and differs little from the imago except in the rudimentary state of the sexual organs, and of the wings in those that have wings when adult. The term pupa is sometimes applied to other invertebrates in analogous stages of development.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) A genus of air-breathing land snails having an elongated spiral shell.

    Coarctate pupa, or Obtected pupa, a pupa which is incased in the dried-up skin of the larva, as in many Diptera.

    Masked pupa, a pupa whose limbs are bound down and partly concealed by a chitinous covering, as in Lepidoptera.


n. (plural of pupa English)

  1. n. an insect in the inactive stage of development (when it is not feeding) intermediate between larva and adult

  2. [also: pupae (pl)]


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Usage examples of "pupae".

But as ants, which are not slave-makers, will, as I have seen, carry off pupae of other species, if scattered near their nests, it is possible that pupae originally stored as food might become developed.

If their presence proved useful to the species which had seized them -- if it were more advantageous to this species to capture workers than to procreate them -- the habit of collecting pupae originally for food might by natural selection be strengthened and rendered permanent for the very different purpose of raising slaves.

There were the human pupae behind her, dragging her every gesture into slow motion, and there were the psycho psychics behind Mr.

Zetes had been talking to Rob, while the human pupae were busy keeping Rob tightly controlled for the chaining, while Jackal Mac was unlocking the other chains, Gabriel had been inching forward.

The pupae are hard-shelled and ellipsoid, about the size of one of your pathetic little thumbs.

If you don't get the pupae out fast enough, they'll start digging through the shells on their own.

On our first days here we only occasionally saw the pupae carried out by Nurses.

These pupae were carried off by Nurses to the eclosia (so we had been told), where the callows would hatch and be nursed up to adult size.

New larvae were borne in, new pupae rushed out, and demon-meat distributed, in a turmoil that would have paralyzed Barnar and me had we confronted it on our first days down here.

The whitish-gray pupae were brought to this place months in advance, arranged in plain straight lines by neuters of every caste until the reed-strewn floor of the amphitheater-to-be was covered completely.

The proportion within each caste—and indeed the number of castes themselves—would be known only when all the pupae were mature.

I could have told them the gap would have contained a cluster of pupae that had turned the warning orange of the warrior caste.

In one day, not only had any warrior pupae been killed, but neighbor had turned on neighbor until all warriors were gone, on the colony worlds and ships, as well as on Hiveworld itself.

As I said, our suppliers send the pupae packages through an irradiation machine before they are shipped here.

In these packages we often find larvae mixed with the pupae because it would generally be impossible to completely separate the two.