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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
punch bowl
▪ It was more a tidal wave in a punch bowl.
▪ Smiling at Evelyn, and ignoring Geoffrey, she made her way across the room to the punch bowl.
▪ They held the punch bowl at parties, the potato salad, chips and dips.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
Punch bowl

Punch \Punch\, n. [Hind. p[=a]nch five, Skr. pa?can. So called because composed of five ingredients, viz., sugar, arrack, spice, water, and lemon juice. See Five.] A beverage composed of wine or distilled liquor, water (or milk), sugar, and the juice of lemon, with spice or mint; -- specifically named from the kind of spirit used; as rum punch, claret punch, champagne punch, etc.

Milk punch, a sort of punch made with spirit, milk, sugar, spice, etc.

Punch bowl, a large bowl in which punch is made, or from which it is served.

Roman punch, a punch frozen and served as an ice.

punch bowl

n. (alternative spelling of punchbowl English)

punch bowl

n. a large bowl for serving beverages; usually with a ladle

Punch bowl

A punch bowl is a bowl, often large and wide, in which the drink punch is served.

Punch bowl (disambiguation)

A punch bowl is a vessel in which punch is served.

Punch bowl may also refer to:

  • The Punch Bowl (album), 2002 album by Seth Lakeman
  • Pennsylvania Punch Bowl, a magazine published since 1899 at the University of Pennsylvania
  •, a free web-based online invitations service and digital greeting cards site
  • Punch Bowl Falls, a set of waterfalls on Eagle Creek in Oregon, United States
  • "Punch Bowl", 2008 song by Chris Thile and Punch Brothers from the album Punch
  • The Punch Bowl (1959 film), a 1959 East German film, the original German-language title of which is Maibowle.
  • The Punch Bowl, Mayfair, a pub in Mayfair, London since the 1750s
  • Old Punch Bowl, a 15th-century timber-framed building in Crawley, England

Usage examples of "punch bowl".

I asked as I ignored my own resolution to do nothing, opened a fresh bottle of fruit juice, and sloshed it into the punch bowl.

He longed to turn around but instead just sipped on the beer, pretending that the 235-pound black man (Carrera sunglasses dangling on his chest) who loomed in the tavern mirror wasn't really glaring at him as if he were the proverbial turd in the punch bowl.

She broke away and hurried after Pug, but he and the tall Air Corps general went into the crowd at the punch bowl, which closed around them.

Then he looked at Tom in fury and despair and still with that sick gladness and swung his arm down hard into the side of the punch bowl.

More blur, blips of arms, legs, a cart being pushed and a man in white carrying a punch bowl.

And it's too early for anybody to get the guts to dump anything in the punch bowl.