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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He's short, pudgy, and bald.
▪ A few feet away a pudgy man in his sixties finished one pack of Marlboros and started another.
▪ Her pudgy face was very pale and her eyes looked as bad as Jinny's felt.
▪ I hate my stomach - it's a bit pudgy.
▪ Loppy-eared Leo, a pudgy walker hound, found himself all alone when his owner moved away.
▪ Rossi burst into another peal of giggles as he put a pudgy arm around Harry's shoulder.
▪ Somebody had pulled his gold wedding ring off his pudgy hand.
▪ The Kelda waddled into the shadows and returned with her pudgy fists clenched.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pudgy \Pudg"y\, a. Short and fat or sturdy; dumpy; podgy; as, a short, pudgy little man; a pudgy little hand.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also podgy, 1824, from colloquial pudge "anything short and thick" + -y (2). Perhaps related to pudsy "plump" (1754), possibly a diminutive of nursery word pud "hand, forepaw" (from 17c.). A connection with pudding also has been conjectured. In late 19c. often on lists of English local or dialectal words; sources also mention puddy, punchy, pluggy, pudget as relatives or variants. Related: Pudginess.


a. fat, overweight (pertaining particularly to children), plump; chubby.

  1. adj. short and fat [syn: dumpy, podgy, tubby]

  2. [also: pudgiest, pudgier]


Pudgy may refer to:

  • Abbye "Pudgy" Stockton (1917–2006), American professional strongwoman
  • Pudgy the Puppy, an animated character in Betty Boop films

Usage examples of "pudgy".

The diviner waved away the pudgy, beringed hand that Basel offered and rose unaided, clinging to the jasmine-cloaked trellis for support.

A baldish, pudgy man named Casher was summoned when Harry inquired for machinery, without specifying the kind that he wanted.

Father Cesare chided as his pudgy hand pushed his trencher a little closer to Kieran.

Squatting, crossed-legged, in the middle of this cushion was an extremely corpulent yellow man, who, except for the scarlet cincture about his loins, was clad entirely in jewelry jewels blazed from the rings which all but concealed his pudgy fingers and toes, and flashed from his golden anklets, bracelets, armlets, and necklaces.

He had grown fatter and balder, and his pudgy face seemed sexually indeterminate and permanently worried.

For the next few minutes, the four pudgy racket leaders listened to an amazingly accurate account of what had happened to Lifer Stone, from the moment he had arrived at Grand Central up to the instant he had fled from the unconscious body of Joe Cardona.

Medium height, slightly pudgy, monied, neither particularly bright nor sensitive, but a generous, likable fellow.

Father Clifton was younger than I, short -- but not as short as Dem Ria or Dem Loa or her race -- and pudgy, with thinning, sandy hair receding from his friendly, flushed face.

Caulkins, the economist, and the pudgy, fattish form of Cassalano, the mineralogist, passed toward the hollowed trenches where the trinitromite was being placed.

They had kept Billy Long as a manager until his untimely death, then quickly gave his job to the pudgy bartender, Leonard Wilbur.

Simone Bouvier was spreading all her one hundred and fifty pudgy pounds of baby-fat over a divan, in an attempt to look consumptive as Virginia.

What Tom saw was a slightly pudgy, clean-shaven man of about forty or so with a square face and a full head of longish dark hair combed straight back.

As they slowed and he saw their pudgy faces, he knew they were preadolescent cubs.

Senator Stillworth leaned back, pudgy hands clasped across his ample belly.

But I happened to be a very unathletic, pudgy, studious kid, so naturally my mom thought I should be a doctor.