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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Koklass \Ko"klass\, n. (Zo["o]l.) Any pheasant of the genus Pucrasia. The birds of this genus inhabit India and China, and are distinguished by having a long central and two lateral crests on the head. Called also pucras.

Usage examples of "pucras".

Clym Pucras answered, "also of the third tree west of the matter-energy converter, on the south side of the uppermost branch level—save one.

Clym Pucras swiveled to Eichra Oren, "I can't remember the human expression.

On the other limb, Clym Pucras, the machine-tool designer that Eichra Oren had heard in a professional capacity, argued that if the mission were seeking anything, it was traces of a vanished species of sapients even older than the Elders, now extinct in all known versions of the Solar System.