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PU, Pu, or pu may refer to:

Pu (Daoism)

Pu is a Chinese word meaning "unworked wood; inherent quality; simple" that was an early Daoist metaphor for the natural state of humanity, and relates with the Daoist keyword ziran (literally "self so") "natural; spontaneous". The scholar Ge Hong (283-343 CE) immortalized pu in his pen name Baopuzi "Master who Embraces Simplicity" and eponymous book Baopuzi.

Usage examples of "pu".

The Puber still existed, somewhere, though now degenerate and decadent.

Pueri: and because many of them were handsome youths selected for that office, Puer came at length to signify any young person.

Veritas vero lente passu passu sicut puer, tandem aliquando janunculat ad lucem.

Luka, Alisa i ja, shvatio sam da je to vjerojatno prvi puta nakon rastave kako se moji otac i majka nalaze za istim stolom.

Pitala sam runo i ono je dva puta reklo 167, ali vjerojatno nisam bila sasvim pribrana.

Ponovno na vratima Vilijeve sobe, ovoga puta zatekla sam ga kako sjedi i gleda u daljinu, kroz pritvoren prozor.

It is most repugnant to have to question this half-caste son of a puta, a street whore, as if he were a legal person, rather than simply hanging him.

The most I could hope for when my end came was a belly full of pulque, a comfortable bridge to sleep under, and a clap-stinking puta to ease my pain.

He called her a puta, but I did not know if that was his anger speaking or her occupation.

It was dark in the tent, a single candle glowed, barely breaking the darkness, but even in the dim I could see that she was not a young puta, but one old enough to be my mother.

I must continue to remain in this backward area until that foul puta of a magician is found.

I considered implicating that puta bitch Isabella as having had sex with the devil, but again, when I made myself even an innocent witness to blasphemy, I was sealing my doom.

The pale puta who had taken her man was walking straight to her death.

Claram Micheriam, juvenem vidi, cum admodum puer essem, meminique hanc dicere solitam, Utinam si Deo placuisset, extincta forem in infantia.

Augusti, die Sabbati, octava Kalendarum Septembris, intravit civitatem Janue quidam puer Teutonicus nomine Nicholaus peregrinationis causa, et cum eo multitudo maxima pelegrinorum defferentes cruces et bordonos atque scarsellas ultra septem millia arbitratu boni viri inter homines et feminas et puellos et puellas.