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PTD may refer to:

  • Dominican Workers' Party (in Spanish: Partido de los Trabajadores Dominicanos, or PTD), a political party in the Dominican Republic
  • Poloidal-Toroidal Decomposition, a technique in mathematics for representing solenoidal vector fields
  • Pre-term delivery (birth) of a baby of less than 37 weeks gestational age
  • Participatory technology development is an approach, in international development, to learning and innovation as part of projects and programs in sustainable agriculture
  • Pre-Thread Data file under the .NET Framework using Common Language Runtime for the Microsoft Windows personal computer operating system.
  • Prevention through design (PtD) is the concept, in design and engineering, of mitigating occupational hazards by "designing them out"
  • Potsdam Municipal Airport, which has the FAA location identifier PTD
  • Post-vacation blues, sometimes referred to as post-travel depression
  • Product Testing Division, such as for a product or video game.