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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Neurotransmission can be affected in several ways by psychoactive drugs and poisons.
▪ There is evidence that, in the kivas at least, psychoactive plants may have been ingested.
▪ Why do more than a hundred species go to the trouble of manufacturing this one psychoactive molecule?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also psycho-active, 1959, from psycho- + active.


a. (context pharmacology English) Affecting the mind or mental processes.


adj. affecting the mind or mood or other mental processes; "psychoactive drugs" [syn: psychotropic] [ant: nonpsychoactive]


Usage examples of "psychoactive".

In the Kilghard Hills, at some seasons, the pollen created a problem, having dangerous psychoactive qualities.

They tend to be impulsive, particularly in activities that are potentially self damaging, such as shopping sprees, psychoactive substance abuse, reckless driving, casual sex, shoplifting, and binge eating.

Possible complications include Dys thymia depressive neurosis, Major Depression, Psychoactive Substance Abuse, and psychotic disorders such as Brief Reactive Psychosis.

With an effort, he gulped down the water, which he now recognized as a dilute tincture of kirian, a psychoactive distillate used in the Towers for treating threshold sickness and other psychic maladies.

The raw materials, dried kireseth blossoms, were psychoactive, and too dangerous to be handled by anyone untrained in the proper precautions.

Ages of Chaos, there was some research in using psychoactive crystals to preserve a personality separate from the fleshly body.

The faint lemony tang of the psychoactive distillation filled her head.

Eduin had witnessed the setting of truthspell, the leronis or laranzu had bent over his matrix crystal, murmuring the ritual words while the psychoactive gem flared to life.

Within its shifting radiance, he sensed a stirring, part psychoactive crystal, part intelligence .

You see, I talked to some psychiatrists who know a lot about psychoactive medicines.

While Saul has ample access to drugs and female undergrads in his capacity as sexual and psychoactive guide to the student body, the role has begun to wear thin.

With their well-known and documented power to elicit vivid psychoactive experiences long after the waning of primary effects.

Father Butler, how best to describe the foggy parameters of the delayed psychoactive psilocybin experience.

She knew that some of the more powerful psychoactive medications could cause such involuntary movements.

During our drive to the laboratory one morning in August, I asked Gregory Barrow if he had ever worked with psychoactive drugs that affected behavior and personality.