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binding energy

n. (context physics English) The energy needed to separate the constituent parts of an atom or nucleus; equivalent to the mass defect.

binding energy

n. the energy required to separate particles from a molecule or atom or nucleus; equals the mass defect [syn: separation energy]

Binding energy

Binding energy is the energy required to disassemble a whole system into separate parts. A bound system typically has a lower potential energy than the sum of its constituent parts; this is what keeps the system together. Often this means that energy is released upon the creation of a bound state. This definition corresponds to a positive binding energy.

Usage examples of "binding energy".

But netsex had proved a pale substitute for the real thing, and the real thing proved to have been the binding energy of their relationship.

He wove the mathematical spells idly in his mind and sent them to her as forms of binding energy.

If we can keep away from it, brother, the hell-hound will collapse when its binding energy sinks below a certain level, or it will find a functioning shrine and upload itself and return to the place for which shrines are windows.

If we're lucky it will give up, or lose track or memory of you, and dissipate when its binding energy drops below a sustainable level.

Why had Galaxy Andromeda ever set out to take what it had no right to -- the binding energy of the Milky Way!

Why had Galaxy Andromeda ever set out to take what it had no right to- the binding energy of the Milky Way!

The fading stars described their fusion fires, the crush of gravity held in check by the liberation of binding energy.

A field was generated at the end that had the interesting ability of being able to concentrate most forms of matter by increasing the binding energy in the molecules.