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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Procreation \Pro`cre*a"tion\, n. [F. procr['e]ation, L, procreatio.] The act of begetting; generation and production of young.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "process of begetting offspring," from Old French procreacion (14c., Modern French prócreation) and directly from Latin procreationem (nominative procreatio) "a begetting, generation," noun of action from past participle stem of procreare "bring forth" (offspring), "beget, generate, produce," from pro- "forth" (see pro-) + creare "create" (see create).


n. 1 The process by which an organism produces others of its biological kind 2 The sexual activity of conceiving and bearing biological offspring


n. the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring [syn: reproduction, breeding, facts of life]

Usage examples of "procreation".

By subordinating the obligation to procreate, rejecting divorce, and implicitly sanctioning monogamous relationships, Jesus reverses traditional priorities, declaring, in effect, that other obligations, including marital ones, are now more important than procreation.

In our century there should really be other ways of solving the problem of rational procreation of children.

Christian Era, took up startlingly different attitudes toward divorce, procreation, and family from those that had prevailed for centuries among most of their fellow Jews.

Thus Clement confirms the traditional Jewish conviction, expressed in the deutero-Pauline letters, that legitimate procreation is a good work, blessed by God from the day of human creation.

It might not technically be necessary to have an orgasm in order to become pregnant, but Claudia was secretly convinced that there was something about the deep, convulsive movement that rendered her womb particularly responsive and receptive to the act of procreation, the creation of a new life.

Underlying possession, procreation, drive and procurement is our sense of human individuality or ego.

Possession, procreation and procurement presuppose the existence of the drive to act and to move.

Rithrim to allow the observatory in order to obtain help in protecting their procreation center.

To the north and south the deflected lava crawled along the shields and flowed into the blinding expanse of blue-green sea that surrounded the procreation center on three sides.

By the time they reached the space between the procreation center and the sea, the sound was almost deafening, though the droplets of water in the air offered them some relief from the heat.

There were several gaps in the ring of statuary around the back of the procreation center--places with pedestals but no figures.

What was it Commodore Wesley had asked her, back at the procreation center?

He muttered something and walked past her, headed for the procreation building.

The doors to the procreation center slid open at their approach, revealing a foyer that was stark and unadorned, illuminated by lighting fixtures set in a double helix pattern in the ceiling.

But compared to what was going on outside, the procreation center was silence itself.