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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
pressure group
▪ At present victims must take their claims to court ... a pressure group says the Government should pay.
▪ On the other is the pressure group, Birmingham for People, championed by local architect Joe Holyoak.
▪ The society boasts that it has become the most successful single-issue pressure group since William Wilberforce and opposition to the slave trade.
pressure group

n. An advocacy group.

pressure group

n. a group of people who try actively to influence legislation [syn: lobby, third house]

Usage examples of "pressure group".


Besides, he's got a pressure group: he's cornered all the men of brains.

From this point of view it's easy to understand the contention that science is just another lobby, another pressure group anxious to keep the grant money rolling in so the scientists don't ever have to do a hard day's work or meet a payroll.

This is quite different from being put on the spot in front of a crowd made up of a pressure group.

Shall one of them be taught as having the status of a scientific hypothesis merely because the members of the religion subscribing to it can drum up a majority at the polis, or organize a pressure group at a state capital?

Thus did Floyd Wayne Vishniak set up his own little base of operations in the nation's capital, joining every other person, company, pressure group, trade association, and maniac with a national agenda.

The politicians gave in to every whim that any pressure group expressed.

He found that each pressure group, each organization of government or industry or ordinary citizens, had its own aims and ambitions and anxieties.

Aster too once had to blow his high-pressure group, on the third patrol when depth charges jammed the controls and unseated a hatch, and the flooding Moray went down past five hundred feet.

They had the tremendous advantage of being currently beyond the interest of any pressure group eager to apply politically correct standards to their care and handling.