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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
prep school
▪ Despite an artillery prep and rockets from our gunships, it was hot.
▪ He will return to Florida for more debate prep later this week.
▪ I was getting some drawing prep once and what I was actually told to draw was a towel hanging over a chair.
▪ The artillery prep had not destroyed most of these rounds.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1862, short for preparation. Prep school attested from 1895, short for preparatoryschool. First record of prep in the sense "student or graduate of a preparatory school" is from 1899 (also see preppie).


slang shortening of prepare, 1908. Related: Prepped; prepping.


n. 1 (context countable English) preparation. 2 (abbreviation of preposition English) 3 (context informal countable English) preparatory school 4 (context informal countable English) A student or graduate of a prep school, a preppy. (from late 19th c.) 5 (context British uncountable English) homework, work set to do outside class time, used widely in public schools and preparatory schools but not state schools. vb. (context informal English) To prepare.


n. preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home) [syn: homework, preparation]


Prep may refer to:

  • A nickname for anything associated with a university-preparatory school, such as:
    • A person who attends such a " college prep school" in the United States
    • A person whose manner or clothing fits the American " preppy" stereotype
  • PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, the use of prescription drugs to prevent HIV transmission before exposure
  • Prep, a novel by Curtis Sittenfeld
  • Prep, short form for a plasmid preparation (including minipreps and bulk preps) or the DNA prepared by such a method
  • Prep, short form for preparation of or for something
  • PReP, the PowerPC Reference Platform
  • P-rep, a statistical value of the probability of replicating an observed effect
  • Preparative, a NATO signal flag
  • Presequence Protease, a mitochondrial and chloroplastic protein

Usage examples of "prep".

As Zella and I prepped the patient, they went through the Detainment Area, and came back with a small garment-repair kit, a thermal braising tool, and a pile of personal hygiene sponges.

I started one of the nurses on the blood synthesizer, and another four prepping ortho and wound instrument trays.

Perhaps our intelligence relied on the same methods to decide when and where to do extensive air or arty prep along the road.

Sally Prine in prep, probably for LSM Seven, and a man, also out in another room, that none of us knew but who was certainly one of us.

But she shattered my romantic dreams by announcing that she now had a very serious boyfriend, a New Reformationist named Ed Kelso, back at Marsport prep, so that whatever we did was just for old times and not serious.

And meanwhile, Nom Anor made a mental note to have his coralcraft fed, groomed, and prepped for sudden takeoff.

Prep Three was just down the corridor, and she entered to find Billingsgate poring over the high-detail plate there.

He let the light slide over the blade, and pressed it against his wrists, his throat, along the thin scars from his cryonic prep already slashed there.

I went on to explain the findings to Reever as we prepped him for a thorough examination.

Bankers Row, where most of the goods they had bilked out of the natives were being prepped for final shipment.

As Zella and I prepped the patient, they went through the Detainment Area, and came back with a small garment-repair kit, a thermal braising tool, and a pile of personal hygiene sponges.

The team had the Tingalean rolled over and her back prepped and sterilized.

I covered Medical so Squilyp could attend, and got back to work on our hypercellular experiment, prepping the cloned Jorenian liver for testing.

Medical, Squilyp and the nursing staff were prepping to remove Hawk from sleep suspension.

She might have, had she not been spending so much of her time with Corrigan and the others, prepping the sail for deployment.