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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Possessive case

Possessive \Pos*sess"ive\, a. [L. possessivus: cf. F. possessif.] Of or pertaining to possession; having or indicating possession.

Possessive case (Eng. Gram.), the genitive case; the case of nouns and pronouns which expresses ownership, origin, or some possessive relation of one thing to another; as, Homer's admirers; the pear's flavor; the dog's faithfulness.

Possessive pronoun, a pronoun denoting ownership; as, his name; her home; my book.

possessive case

n. (context grammar English): case used to express direct possession, ownership, origin, etc. Though similar in many ways to the genitive case, it is not the same. Languages that have the possessive case include English and Quenya.

possessive case

n. the case expressing ownership [syn: genitive, genitive case]