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PomA is a protein that is part of the stator in Na driven bacterial flagella. It has a high degree of homology to MotA, and Rhodobacter sphaeroides MotA can functionally complement a non-motile Vibrio alginolyticus with a non-functional pomA gene.

Usage examples of "poma".

Kadon and Mawor are quite substantial, but those around Poma have sort of fallen into disrepair.

I want every citizen of Poma in that square in front of your palace in half an hour.

This puts me in charge of Poma, and our first order of business is to do something about your walls.

The base was not actually at Washan but across the Poma River and there was a small town that had grown up outside the base, mostly to support the needs of the sailors and soldiers that roamed the area.