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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Polyp \Pol"yp\, n. [L. polypus, Gr. ?, ?, literally, many-footed; poly`s many + ?, ?, foot: cf. F. polype. See Poly- and Foot, and cf. Polypode, Polypody, Poulp.] (Zo["o]l.)

  1. One of the feeding or nutritive zooids of a hydroid or coral.

  2. One of the Anthozoa.

  3. pl. Same as Anthozoa. See Anthozoa, Madreporaria, Hydroid. [Written also polype.]

    Fresh-water polyp, the hydra.

    Polyp stem (Zo["o]l.), that portion of the stem of a siphonophore which bears the polypites, or feeding zooids.


n. (archaic form of polyp English)

Usage examples of "polype".

He became afraid to look behind him, lest some shapeless mass of mid-sea birth--some voracious polype, with far-reaching arms and jellied mouth ever open to devour--might slide up over the edge of the dripping caves below, and fasten upon him in the darkness.