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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Polonaise \Po`lo*naise"\, a. [F. polonais, polonaise, Polish.] Of or pertaining to the Poles, or to Poland. [Written also Polonese.]


Polonaise \Po`lo*naise"\, n. [Written also Polonese and Polonoise.]

  1. The Polish language.

  2. An article of dress for women, consisting of a body and an outer skirt in one piece.

  3. (Mus.) A stately Polish dance tune, in 3-4 measure, beginning always on the beat with a quaver followed by a crotchet, and closing on the beat after a strong accent on the second beat; also, a dance adapted to such music; a polacca.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1773, "woman's overdress" (from fancied resemblance to Polish costume); 1797, "stately dance," from French (danse) polonaise "a Polish (dance)," fem. of polonais (adj.) "Polish," from Pologne "Poland," from Medieval Latin Polonia "Poland" (see Poland). In the culinary sense, applied to dishes supposed to be cooked in Polish style, attested from 1889.


n. 1 A stately Polish dance in triple time and moderate tempo. 2 music for this dance. 3 A woman's dress having a tight bodice and a skirt divided to show a coloured underskirt.


n. a woman's dress with a tight bodice and an overskirt drawn back to reveal a colorful underskirt


The polonaise (, ; ) is a dance of Polish origin, in time. Its name is French for "Polish."

The polonaise had a rhythm quite close to that of the Swedish semiquaver or sixteenth-note polska, and the two dances have a common origin.

Polonaise is a widespread dance in carnival parties. Polonaise is always a first dance at a studniówka ("hundred-days"), the Polish equivalent of the senior prom that occurs approximately 100 days before exams.

Norblin- Polonais.jpg| Polish Noblemen dancing Polonaise, painting by Jan Piotr Norblin Pod Gołym Niebem - Korneli Szlegel.jpg|Poles dance Polonez, painting by Kornelli Szlegel Polonaise - a Ball in Hôtel Lambert in Paris.

Polonaise (clothing)

The robe à la polonaise or polonaise is a woman's garment of the later 1770s and 1780s or a similar revival style of the 1870s inspired by Polish national costume, consisting of a gown with a cutaway, draped and swagged overskirt, worn over an underskirt or petticoat. From the late 19th century, the term polonaise also described a fitted overdress which extended into long panels over the underskirt, but was not necessarily draped or swagged.

Polonaise (vodka)

Polonaise is a Polmos Łańcut vodka made from quality rectified grain spirit and water. According to its producer it has a pleasant and delicate aroma and flavor with notes of the grain it is made from. It contains 40% alcohol by volume.

The vodka is named after the national Polish dance Polonaise.

Polonaise (disambiguation)

Polonaise is a French feminine adjective meaning "Polish" (of or related to Poland or the Polish people). In English it may refer to:

  • Polonaise, a slow, stately dance of Polish origin.
  • A piece of music for this dance, popularized by Frédéric Chopin. See the list of polonaises by this composer.
  • Polonaise (clothing), a woman's garment popular in the late 18th century.
  • Polonaise (vodka), a Polish brand of vodka.
  • Garnish made of browned butter and bread crumbs, popular in Polish cuisine.

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Usage examples of "polonaise".

Oysters Rockefeller, Bienville and Roffignac-flounder Nouvelle Orleans, stuffed with seasoned crabmeat, choux fleur Polonaise, pommes au four, and-from the hovering wine steward-a bottle of Montrachet.

She played Chopin--studies, waltzes, mazurkas, preludes, a polonaise or two.

He ordered for them both: 2-2-2 hultres-the house's specialty combining Oysters Rockefeller, Bienville and Roffignac-flounder Nouvelle Orleans, stuffed with seasoned crabmeat, choux fleur Polonaise, pommes au four, and-from the hovering wine steward-a bottle of Montrachet.

A quarter of an hour after my arrival, the ball began with a polonaise.

This consists of a simple gros de laine, trimmed with ashes of roses, with overskirt of scare bleu ventre saint gris, cut bias on the off-side, with facings of petit polonaise and narrow insertions of pa^te de foie gras backstitched to the mise en sce`ne in the form of a jeu d'esprit.

Her skirt was much narrower than anything Alamitos had seen, or for that matter, Philadelphia or San Francisco, and the polonaise of flowered material was startling.

Highness very kindly made the Crown Prince walk the Polonaise with her.

Jellied chicken loaf, and chives and sesame seed biscuits, followed by Dwight's dessert specialty, a Hampton polonaise: a cake made with layers of almond and chocolate, which he serves with a sweet whipped cream.