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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Both poinsettias and cyclamens benefit from a summer outdoors.
▪ Now comes the final Christmas tradition: killing the poinsettia.
▪ Palms loomed over cypresses and poinsettias, and brown men in straw hats trimmed the miles of green lawns.
▪ So out goes the poinsettia with the trash.
▪ Stick small poinsettias inside the larger ones with royal icing, then arrange flowers and leaves on the cake, as shown.
▪ They include oleander, poinsettia and other members of the Euphorbia family, and the castor-oil plant.
▪ This complementary pair of colors is easily accessible in cyclamen, poinsettias and berrying plants.
▪ Water the poinsettia moderately, experts say.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Poinsettia \Poin*set"ti*a\ (poin*s[e^]t"t[i^]*[.a]), n. [NL. Named after Joel R. Poinsett of South Carolina.] (Bot.) A Mexican shrub ( Euphorbia pulcherrima) with very large and conspicuous vermilion bracts below the yellowish flowers.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

from the genus name (1836), Modern Latin, in recognition of Joel R. Poinsett (1779-1851), U.S. ambassador to Mexico, who is said to have brought the plant to the attention of botanists, + abstract noun ending -ia.


n. A plant, (taxlink Euphorbia pulcherrima species noshow=1), with rather small and insignificant flowers but large brightly coloured leaves.


n. tropical American plant having poisonous milk and showy tapering usually scarlet petallike leaves surrounding small yellow flowers [syn: Christmas star, Christmas flower, lobster plant, Mexican flameleaf, painted leaf, Euphorbia pulcherrima]


The poinsettia ( or ) (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is a commercially important plant species of the diverse spurge family. The species is indigenous to Mexico. It is particularly well known for its red and green foliage and is widely used in Christmas floral displays. It derives its common English name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico, who introduced the plant to the US in 1825.

Poinsettia (disambiguation)

Poinsettia usually refers to the flowering plant Euphorbia pulcherrima.

Poinsettia also may refer to:

  • Poinsettia, a subgenus of flowering plants, a.k.a. Euphorbia subg. Poinsettia
  • Poinsettia (cocktail)
  • Poinsettia Bowl, a college football bowl game played in San Diego, California
Poinsettia (cocktail)

A poinsettia cocktail is a mixture of champagne, Cointreau (or Triple Sec), and cranberry juice.

Usage examples of "poinsettia".

Duchess, timidly, her upraised face and Paris hat well matched by the gay poinsettias, the delicate eucharis and arums with which the table was now covered.

Tony plonked himself on the floor beside Peggy and handed her the poinsettia.

Christmas-like with arborvitae and poinsettia clustered around its wings.

At first, nearer the house, there were roses and bougainvillaea, poinsettia and banks of phlox, that formed bright bold slashes of colour, against a veld still brown from the long dry winter just passed, but nearer the stream the fields of maize were tended by convalescents from the mission clinic, and soon on the tall green plants the immature cobs would begin to set.

In some of the gardens there were brave and defiant shows of bright blooms, barbeton daisies, carinas and flaming red poinsettia, but in most of them the bare untended earth, patched with black-jack and khaki-bush, told of the tenants indifference.

The reason the fleet was convoying such an unwieldy number of ships through this sector of space, adjacent to that known to be controlled by Khalians, was to reinforce the sizable and valuable mining colony on Persuasion 836/934-and strengthen the defenses of two nearby Alliance planets: the water world of the Persepolis, whose oceans teemed with edible marine forms chockful of valuable protein for both humanoid and the weasel-like Khalians, and the fabulous woods of Poinsettia, which were more splendid and versatile in their uses than teak, mahogany, or redwood.

The gardens are bright with flowers - tall poinsettias, roses, coral vine, jasmine, bougainvillea, and other tropical blooms.

In the center of the disputed terrain, poisonous poinsettia battled numbing opium poppies for primacy.

I try not to pay attention to the month and date, but the blossoming poinsettias roar at me that it’s coming anyway, and on January 17 I’ll wake up too early, with an ache in my chest.

Sent his wife a pot of poinsettias I had to order all the way from Des Moines.

She didn't bother to count the poinsettias, but the tree looked fine to her.

Or how about where I can find a florist specializing in poinsettias and holly?

It was on the level below this that he had done his exercises and in the building across the bed of poinsettias (except that these poinsettias were bright gold) that he had slept.

Vaulting over the hedge of red poinsettias in front of the riders’ stand, he sprinted across the tan, captured a somewhat bewildered Hardy and, tearing off his grey jacket, put it around Fen, leading her, sobbing, out of the ring.

Flaming red poinsettias sixteen feet tall were growing wild at the edge where the ground met the concrete of the partition.