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Pogonophora (plant)

Pogonophora is a plant genus of the family Peraceae first described as a genus in 1854. It is native to central Africa and northern South America.

  1. Pogonophora letouzeyi Feuillet - Gabon, Congo
  2. Pogonophora schomburgkiana Miers ex Benth. - Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Fr Guinea, N + E Brazil
formerly included

moved to other genera ( Micrandra Pausandra )

  • P. cunuri - Micrandra spruceana
  • P. trianae - Pausandra trianae

There are two taxa with the name Pogonophora:

  • Pogonophora, an obsolete animal phylum, now treated as part of the family Siboglinidae
  • Pogonophora (plant), a genus in the Euphorbiaceae