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1921, originally a registered trademark (Germany, 1919), of unknown origin, perhaps formed from elements of the names of the designers.\n\nHopping Stilts Are the New French Playthings. ... For France and especially Paris has taken to the "pogo" stick, a stick equipped with two rests for the feet. Inside of the stick is a strong spring so that the "pogoer" may take a series of jumps without straining his powers. The doctors claim that the jarring produced by the successive jumps do not serve to injure the spine, as one might at first suppose. This jumping habit is spreading through France and England and the eastern part of the United States. ["Illustrated World," Sept., 1921] \n\nThe fad periodically returned in U.S., but with fading intensity. As a leaping style of punk dance, attested from 1977. The newspaper comic strip by Walt Kelly debuted in 1948 and ran daily through 1975.


Etymology 1 n. A dance associated with 1970s punk rock movement in which participants jump up and down on the spot in the manner of someone riding a pogo stick vb. 1 To use a pogo stick 2 To dance the pogo 3 (context cycling English) To lift the front wheel of the bicycle in the air and jump up and down on the rear wheel while in a stationary position. Etymology 2

n. corndog on a stick, genericization of the trademark ''Pogo'', which is a hot dog frankfurter weiner on a stick and covered in batter

Pogo (comic strip)

Pogo is the title and central character of a long-running daily American comic strip, created by cartoonist Walt Kelly (1913–1973) and distributed by the Post-Hall Syndicate. Set in the Okefenokee Swamp of the southeastern United States, the strip often engaged in social and political satire through the adventures of its anthropomorphic funny animal characters.

Pogo combined both sophisticated wit and slapstick physical comedy in a heady mix of allegory, Irish poetry, literary whimsy, puns and wordplay, lushly detailed artwork and broad burlesque humor. The same series of strips can be enjoyed on different levels by both young children and savvy adults. The strip earned Kelly a Reuben Award in 1951.

Pogo (dance)

The pogo is a dance in which the dancers jump up and down, while either remaining on the spot or moving around; the dance takes its name from its resemblance to the use of a pogo stick, especially in a common version of the dance, where an individual keeps their torso stiff, their arms rigid, and their legs close together. Pogo dancing is most associated with punk rock, and is a precursor to moshing.


Pogo or POGO may refer to:

Pogo (TV channel)

Pogo, which launched on 1 January 2004, is a cable and satellite television channel created by Turner Broadcasting, is a unit of Time Warner for India which primarily shows animated programming and some live-action shows based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

In Thailand, Pogo will be available as a two-hour block on Family Channel 13.

Pogo (gorilla)

Pogo (1958–2006) was a female Western lowland gorilla who was a feature of the Gorilla World exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo. Pogo was a childless but motherly matriarch, loved by generations of San Franciscans. When she died at the age of 48, she was believed to have been one of the oldest living gorillas in captivity.

Pogo (electronic musician)

Christopher Nicholas "Nick" Bertke (born 26 July 1988), better known by his stage namePogo, is an Australian electronic music artist. His work consists of recording small sounds, quotes, and melodies from a film or TV programme, and sequencing the sounds together to form a new piece of music. In most of his works, the newly created piece of music consists solely of the sounds he samples from those films or scenes, without additional, 'external' music or sound effects.

Usage examples of "pogo".

The Dum dropped the last meter and pogoed back on the shock absorbers, simply springs rather than oleo struts, of her landing outrigger.

  On the downbeats, I could just make out some bare skin over the top of the pogoing crowd.

How the hell the damned thing had made it through selection in the first place, and who the hell had made a buck off it, and which masochistic sons of bitches actually enjoyed pogoing around with their lunches in their throats were long standing topics of bull sessions.

She sank the shovel into the pine straw about a foot from the trunk of the next tree she'd targeted and jumped on the blade, pogoing up and down until the blade was buried to the hilt.

They pogoed in the dust cloud before Horgen could chop the throttles, but Abbado and four strikers were already out.

The startled pogos eyes widened and despite its helmet, its nostrils slapped shut.

If the pogos wanted to do anything with this ship, they would have to enter in each and every command sequence themselves, without any help.

It'll take the pogos a minute to figure out what's going on, and I guarantee you they're not going to be turning the jets on quickly.