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Peace Love Unity Respect, commonly shortened with PLUR, is the credo (see mantra) of the rave, goa trance, and Electronic Dance Music cultures. Originating from early online discussions about rave culture conducted on Usenet its usage has been common since the early 1990s, where it became de rigueur on club flyers and especially on club paraphernalia advertising underground outdoor trance parties.

It may be interpreted as the essential philosophy of life for ravers and clubbers, at least insomuch as it relates to interpersonal relationships, with basic directions on how people are expected to behave at a rave gathering. This universalist philosophy underpinning the tribal dance culture which began circling the globe with the rise of the internet, theoretically takes precedence over any chemical or musical aspects of the rave scene. Raves represent a modern ritualistic experience, promoting a strong communal sense, where PLUR is considered an ideology.

Within the Kandi culture, there can be a symbolic handshake that rave-goers exchange with one another. This handshake usually includes the exchange of Kandi bracelets, which are handmade bracelets crafted with pony beads.

Usage examples of "plur".

If each of our lives is a candle, mine gets plur into forgefires daily and melts away like butter in sun.