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Crossword clues for plums


Etymology 1 n. (plural of plum English) Etymology 2

vb. (en-third-person singular of: plum)

Usage examples of "plums".

Pompadour Plums are one of the most significant finds of the twentieth-century art world.

Although it appears the Pompadour Plums will be less of a challenge than the curator.

Why, after all those months and years of work, when the Plums were finally discovered, why would Albert inexplicably end his life?

Did he mean the forgeries, or was he simply another critic who thought the whole concept of the Plums was bogus?

The longer those Plums stayed intact, the longer they could relay the information he needed.

In fact, the Pompadour Plums would join the other priceless art he collected and would someday be given a place of honor, when he managed to reseat himself on his throne.

It was bad enough if someone took the Plums to sell them on the black market.

But Albert would turn over in his grave if someone made porcelain dust out of those Plums and eliminated their place in history.

FBI get a reading on the forged Plums by Thursday morning, so he had three days to lay out and execute the plan.

He had to get the real Plums safely out of the room, trap Benazir, and have him ready to hand over the moment Tristan arrived.

Carefully, she reached in and cradled the largest of the Plums, its porcelain smooth and cold under her hands.

She laid the largest inside the coat, then slid each of the smaller Plums in a coat sleeve.

The largest of the three Plums had rolled out from the fur and lay on its side on the concrete.

They filled their little pails with plums and emptied them into the big pails till they were full.

On the clean grass Ma spread clean cloths, and Laura and Mary laid the plums on the cloths, to dry in the sun.