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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plentiful \Plen"ti*ful\, a.

  1. Containing plenty; copious; abundant; ample; as, a plentiful harvest; a plentiful supply of water.

  2. Yielding abundance; prolific; fruitful.

    If it be a long winter, it is commonly a more plentiful year.

  3. Lavish; profuse; prodigal. [Obs.]

    He that is plentiful in expenses will hardly be preserved from
    --Bacon. [1913 Webster] -- Plen"ti*ful*ly, adv. -- Plen"ti*ful*ness, n.


n. A full supply; abundance; plenitude; plenty.


n. a full supply; "there was plenty of food for everyone" [syn: plenty, plenteousness, plenitude, plentitude]

Usage examples of "plentifulness".

The other dogs were the mongrels that are found in such plentifulness about every Southern house--increasing, as a rule, in numbers as the inhabitant of the house is lower down and poorer.

Several residents of that section of the State testified to the plentifulness of the crops there in 1864.

Because of the high adaptation in the soil of the two provinces first named, and the plentifulness of the snowfall, clover in these is one of the surest of the crops grown.