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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Deliciously \De*li"cious*ly\, adv. Delightfully; as, to feed deliciously; to be deliciously entertained.


adv. In a delicious manner.

  1. adv. in a very pleasurable manner; "they were walking along the beach slowly and deliciously" [syn: pleasurably]

  2. so as to produce a delightful taste; "I bought some more of these deliciously sweet peaches" [syn: lusciously, scrumptiously]

Usage examples of "deliciously".

I suspect from Bathurst and the hunting field, can turn at times most deliciously vulgar and I saw, even as Violet opened her mouth, that this would be one such time.

Something, long put aside and buried under a burden of exaggerated care, flashed deliciously between them.

Even Hambone seemed to lean in toward her so as to not miss any scrap of this deliciously grim tale.

Lampley, the butcher, delivered his tender, succulent steaks and chops and roasts, and his deliciously fragrant home-made sausage, headcheese, liverwurst, and fat red frankfurters.

She gripped him, struggling to pull him closer, and then suddenly her hips arched, as she thrust herself upon his keenly sensitive horn, and with blinding, earth-shattering clarity, Zarnak felt the burning tip breach her maidenhead, spearing into the depths of her pulsing cunt, her warm blood coating the silver casing of his horn in a scalding, deliciously wet wash of ecstasy.

Eagerly, his mouth found one of the lovely little tits and began to nibble and suck at one of the deliciously plump dark nipples.

His attentions had never overstepped the mark and when he smiled at her with all the warmth and tenderness that spoke more clearly than any words, Polly felt deliciously safe and cherished.

The young islander then led the way along a well-footed path that followed the seaward bluffs, winding this way and that among great trees whose deep shade felt deliciously cool.

Jonas Brenner because his eyes were so blue, Because his smile was so deliciously wicked.

He brushed her nipples with his palms, his calluses deliciously abrasive against her sensitive peaks.

The first order of business was to reduce the consuls of the coming year from two to one, and the way Gabinius did it was deliciously clever.

The result, after hours of steaming, had a heavy, puddinglike consistency that retained the shape of the basket after it was removed, and while not sweet, though the berries gave it a light fruit flavor, was deliciously rich.

Angelique, as happy as her sister, expired deliciously in my arms for the third time, and she seconded me with so much loving ardour, that it seemed to me I was tasting happiness for the first time.

  When Margaret Lazenby leaned across   him   to   look   at   a medusa tree swarming with harpies, he realized that those peculiar fleshy mounds, which even the severe uniform could not hide, were deliciously soft.

As Anne would have said at one time, it was "an epoch in her life," and she was deliciously athrill with the excitement of it.