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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a friendly/pleasant environment
▪ The restaurant offers a stylish and friendly environment with first-class service.
a nice/pleasant/lovely surprise
▪ It’s a lovely surprise to see you.
a pleasant/enjoyable stay
▪ Our driver said goodbye and wished us a pleasant stay.
be good/pleasant company (=be a cheerful person who is enjoyable to be with)
▪ I always liked seeing Rob – he was such good company.
▪ We want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.
▪ She recalled pleasant experiences from her past.
▪ Have a good flight!
have a nice/pleasant etc stay
▪ We hope you have a pleasant stay.
▪ There was a lovely smell of fresh coffee.
▪ She was enjoying the pleasant sensation of being in the warm water.
pleasant/relaxing/friendly etc ambience
▪ The restaurant’s new owners have created a welcoming ambience.
▪ In the damp haziness, the route seemed sinister, and not as pleasant as the previous day's walk.
▪ Getting feedback about your writing can be as pleasant as poking your finger into a food grinder.
▪ It was rather like a mid-West movie, as pleasant as that.
▪ He points out that the process is about as pleasant as going to the dentist.
▪ How do you make it a room that is as pleasant to live in as it is to look at?
▪ About as pleasant to come across as a nest of vipers.
▪ He was always careful to be as pleasant as he could with the staff.
▪ Contact us and find out how pleasant planning a new kitchen can be.
▪ And she had introduced him to Zack, and Jason was surprised by how pleasant and unpretentious he was.
▪ I've often commented how pleasant it is to serve ch'a from such bowls.
▪ And how pleasant it was to have some one to spoil, thought Agnes, running the tap.
▪ People had remarked how pleasant it was not to be enveloped in smoke.
▪ Some of them were less pleasant, but fortunately these were rare.
▪ It is also becoming less pleasant.
▪ Suddenly the hour is less pleasant than it first appeared to take a walk and post a harmless, optimistic letter.
▪ A walk was exactly what she needed, although the continuing hot weather made it less pleasant than it might have been.
▪ It will be much quieter and more pleasant and there's always plenty to drink.
▪ They can become more pleasant, flexible people.
▪ It is certainly a more pleasant environment without cars and will be further improved with the addition of trees and benches.
▪ Because of this, many people find groundwater more pleasant to drink than water from rivers and lakes.
▪ That Salvor Hardin had seen it coming made it none the more pleasant.
▪ But this place is so much more pleasant, sir.
▪ Life would be more pleasant with them.
▪ But the main and most pleasant surprise was the sense of camaraderie among climbers in the Alps.
▪ In fact, the comfortable ride was our most pleasant surprise.
▪ It must have been most pleasant by day.
▪ It is not frightening, I guess, but not the most pleasant thing you could do on your day off.
▪ The cities with their canals and punctual trams are among the most pleasant and orderly in the world.
▪ It seems most pleasant when it fully engages our skill and powers....
▪ The schoolyard became the most pleasant area in the village, and has been reserved for weddings almost every weekend.
▪ Rain can transform the most pleasant task into drudgery.
▪ With 10 percent guar, tasters noticed a difference but still found the bread quite pleasant.
▪ They seemed quite pleasant young people, who listened intently to my greetings, my introductions and my little jokes.
▪ It smelled of wood and a sort of quite pleasant mustiness.
▪ Otherwise, the room was quite pleasant.
▪ It was quite pleasant to eat at this stage - the curds and whey of the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme.
▪ Not cold, so at first quite pleasant.
▪ She's quite pleasant these days.
▪ He turned to glance at her as if the sound of her laugh was quite pleasant to his ears.
▪ Was it really only the day before yesterday when everything had been so pleasant and normal?
▪ They are so pleasant to work with.
▪ Few memories are so pleasant as the memories of your holidays.
▪ Such a handsome young man, she thought, so pleasant in manner.
▪ If she does not, there will be frowns and sharp words and life will not be nearly so pleasant for her.
▪ She says they keep the grounds so pleasant.
▪ Didi, who'd been so pleasant to her face and so vitriolic behind her back.
▪ It's so pleasant to have one's family around one, don't you think?
▪ Outside was very pleasant with views over open fields and a local park.
▪ That evening I discovered another, very pleasant use for bamboo.
▪ Although the boy racers may jeer, it is still a very pleasant car to drive, as well.
▪ Stateville was not a very pleasant atmosphere.
▪ The very pleasant Dias family who own the hotel will make great efforts to help you with any activities in Goa.
▪ The pools were cool and shadowy; it was very pleasant work.
▪ Not very pleasant to taste, owing to a lack of sufficient juniper flavouring.
▪ For, with all of his troubles, he was a very pleasant, honest, open child.
▪ The men, finding it a pleasant change from the years of military building, worked quickly.
▪ A pleasant change, then, to find Wera's offering.
▪ It is such a pleasant change to have such a loyal employee.
▪ The evening was an enjoyable affair and it made a pleasant change not to have to leave Sally behind.
▪ After a full day of sightseeing, it made it a pleasant change not to see the ground.
▪ It is certainly a more pleasant environment without cars and will be further improved with the addition of trees and benches.
▪ Gift of creating a pleasant environment with minimal resources.
▪ They had a pleasant evening, but the vein of wildness that Jessica had lost on meeting Mallachy never returned.
▪ It was a relaxed and pleasant evening.
▪ They had spent a pleasant evening, and James had been most solicitous when he took his leave.
▪ It has been a pleasant evening.
▪ We spent a pleasant evening reminiscing and amicably discussing the state of the world.
▪ It's a pleasant evening for a stroll.
▪ The excuse for getting out of doors especially on a pleasant evening was unimpeachable.
▪ In the village, there are plenty of cafes and bars in which to while away a pleasant evening.
▪ For example, for most managers, firing some one is not a pleasant experience.
▪ A trip to the store for milk or cigarettes can make walking through a minefield in Bosnia resemble a pleasant experience.
▪ For my three children, walking, toddling and cycling in the park has become a much more pleasant experience.
▪ But they are generally happy just to programme and share the pleasant experience of listening to popular music on the radio.
▪ Believe it or not, it's been a very pleasant experience for all of us.
▪ Recall pleasant experiences from the past - not with regret but with pleasure.
▪ But the brain gym itself is an undeniably pleasant experience.
▪ It's not a pleasant experience.
▪ But, Skipsea hopefully will be as now, a green and pleasant land.
▪ Soon Jerusalem was no longer to be seen in Dorset's green and pleasant land.
▪ So I wrote to her to recall pleasant memories of the old prairie days.
▪ It is not a pleasant memory.
▪ Hopes, plans and pleasant memories are hard to keep in mind, and realistic worries take prominence.
▪ Sentiment and nostalgia are for pleasant memories.
▪ What features of the city plan make it a pleasant place for outdoor recreation?
▪ The Venice airport on Monday, January 25, 1988, was not a particularly pleasant place to be.
▪ It was generally agreed that the churchyard of St Andrew's was an exceptionally pleasant place.
▪ It was a pleasant place, with high ceilings where fans swatted the air.
▪ A pleasant place to live, or would be in summer, but a little bleak and windswept at this time of year.
▪ This is a pleasant place to linger.
▪ The trick is to keep as many buttercups as you can while giving people a pleasant place to live in.
▪ He thought that might make the world a slightly more pleasant place to live in.
▪ A pleasant smile and a willing spirit melt barriers and keep communications civilised.
▪ He had a long pale face, fashionably spiky fair hair and a pleasant smile.
▪ It was Francis Clark who welcomed them into the building, a genial man with a pleasant smile on his face.
▪ María Sanchez, with a nod and a pleasant smile, took her leave of us.
▪ Your bank balance might be given a pleasant surprise.
▪ It may turn out to be a pleasant surprise or a not-so-pretty sight.
▪ This is a pleasant surprise, on two counts.
▪ It was a pleasant surprise to find a paperback edition of the Henkes book included in the package.
▪ But the main and most pleasant surprise was the sense of camaraderie among climbers in the Alps.
▪ In fact, the comfortable ride was our most pleasant surprise.
▪ Have the courage to show the world who you really are and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.
▪ It may come as a pleasant surprise that a few members of Congress are attempting to steer a drastically different course.
▪ I need to work in pleasant surroundings 23.
▪ Built in 1806 with lots of original features set in pleasant surroundings, guest lounge with open coal fire.
▪ In return Hubert gave her security, pleasant surroundings, a degree of social standing and, of course, the twins.
▪ High level of comfort in pleasant surroundings.
▪ Find a quiet, well-ventilated room with pleasant surroundings if possible, where you will not be disturbed for at least fifteen minutes.
▪ Friendly bar staff, pleasant surroundings.
▪ The four separate units which make up the Loutrouvia apartments are set back from the main road in pleasant surroundings.
▪ Nicola was not just a simpering and empty-headed blonde with a pleasant voice.
▪ Lovely eyes, clear, unmarked skins, small noses, and soft, pleasant voices.
▪ She heard the hum of pleasant voices, and guessed she must be last down.
▪ Mr Kinnock has such a nice manner, as well as a very pleasant voice.
▪ They had had a pleasant walk and an easy supper.
▪ They went for long, pleasant walks in Cumberland.
▪ Walking: There are several pleasant walks around the resort, while the Patscherkofel cable car opens up some spectacular hiking trails.
▪ It was a pleasant walk down a gently sloping hill past the toll house.
▪ These are worth exploring on a short but pleasant walk from the village.
▪ We find the Yusupov house is closed but have a pleasant walk in the woods.
▪ The Centenary Walk passes through the village, and, in addition, there is a pleasant walk to Filey through fields.
▪ The surrounding path system makes the area an ideal place for a pleasant walk.
▪ What a pleasant way of putting it.
▪ He was smiling, a pleasant way of calling me a liar.
▪ A simpler and more pleasant way of achieving the same end was to use jade vessels for food and drink.
▪ It wasn't a difficult exercise and normally it would have been a very pleasant way of seeing some wonderful countryside.
▪ This is called drag and drop, and it's a pleasant way to shuffle your spreadsheet about.
▪ He could get some answers in a telephone call but there was a more pleasant way.
▪ Walking: A pleasant way to explore the region is to improvise on the charming mini-network of mountain lifts.
▪ Their new advertising campaign will stress Yucatan's obedient workforce and the area's pleasant way of life.
▪ a pleasant-looking man
▪ I only met her once or twice but she seemed a very pleasant girl.
▪ It's been a very pleasant evening.
▪ Marcia's always pleasant to everybody.
▪ Most of the students we get here are extremely pleasant and keen to learn.
▪ My office was large and pleasant with a good view of the city.
▪ Relax in the peaceful and pleasant surroundings of our hotel.
▪ We spent a pleasant evening chatting in the bar.
▪ What a pleasant surprise!
▪ Elizabeth becomes attracted to a handsome, pleasant soldier, Wickham.
▪ He thought that might make the world a slightly more pleasant place to live in.
▪ Mulching is a pleasant activity for October.
▪ Since what had been pleasant lately?
▪ The bedrooms are light and airy, with pleasant views from their balconies.
▪ The Croteau Beach Bed and Breakfast is a very pleasant house on lovely landscaped grounds.
▪ Use pleasant eye contact, walk around the room, stand next to the student who is most likely to be noisy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pleasant \Pleas"ant\, n. A wit; a humorist; a buffoon. [Obs.]


Pleasant \Pleas"ant\, a. [F. plaisant. See Please.]

  1. Pleasing; grateful to the mind or to the senses; agreeable; as, a pleasant journey; pleasant weather.

    Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
    --Ps. cxxxiii. 1.

  2. Cheerful; enlivening; gay; sprightly; humorous; sportive; as, pleasant company; a pleasant fellow.

    From grave to light, from pleasant to serve.

    Syn: Pleasing; gratifying; agreeable; cheerful; good-humored; enlivening; gay; lively; merry; sportive; humorous; jocose; amusing; witty.

    Usage: Pleasant, Pleasing, Agreeable. Agreeable is applied to that which agrees with, or is in harmony with, one's tastes, character, etc. Pleasant and pleasing denote a stronger degree of the agreeable. Pleasant refers rather to the state or condition; pleasing, to the act or effect. Where they are applied to the same object, pleasing is more energetic than pleasant; as, she is always pleasant and always pleasing. The distinction, however, is not radical and not rightly observed.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c. (early 14c. as a surname), from Old French plaisant "pleasant, pleasing, agreeable" (12c.), present participle of plaisir "to please" (see please). Pleasantry has the word's modern French sense of "funny, jocular." Related: Pleasantly.


a. Giving pleasure; pleasing in manner. n. (context obsolete English) A wit; a humorist; a buffoon.

  1. adj. affording pleasure; being in harmony with your taste or likings; "a pleasant person to be around"; "we had a pleasant evening together"; "a pleasant scene"; "pleasant sensations" [ant: unpleasant]

  2. pleasant in manner or behavior; "I didn`t enjoy it and probably wasn't a pleasant person to be around"

Pleasant (disambiguation)

To be pleasant is to experience happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy, or euphoria.

Pleasant may also refer to:

  • Skulduggery Pleasant (character), a fictional undead wizard

People with the given name Pleasant:

  • Pleasant B. Tully (1829-1897), American politician
  • Pleasant Crump (1847-1951), American centenarian
  • Pleasant Gehman (21st century), American journalist
  • Pleasant M. Armstrong (1810-1853), American ship builder
  • Pleasant Moorman Miller (died 1849), American politician
  • Pleasant Porter (1840-1907), American Indian statesman
  • Pleasant Rowland (born circa 1941), American educator, writer, and entrepreneur
  • Pleasant T. Chapman (1854-1931), American politician
  • Pleasant Tackitt (1803-1886), American Christian missionary
  • Robert Pleasant Trippe (1819-1900), American politician
  • Thomas Pleasant Dockery (1833-1898), Confederate Army general

People with the surname Pleasant:

  • Anthony Pleasant (born 1968), American football player
  • Frank Mount Pleasant (1884-1937), American track and field athlete
  • Frank Pleasant (21st century), American football coach
  • Mary Ellen Pleasant (died 1904), American abolitionist
  • Reggie Pleasant (born 1962), American football player
  • Ruffin Pleasant (1871-1937), American politician
  • Wally Pleasant (21st century), American musician

Usage examples of "pleasant".

There were eight runners that day, a pleasant sized field, and Abseil was second favourite.

I was in the middle of the seventh act, always slower and more pleasant for the actress than the first two or three, when Costa came knocking loudly at my door, calling out that the felucca was ready.

The fear that nicotine addiction engenders can cause otherwise pleasant and compassionate people to act like barbarians.

Christians and dead brutes, and purified by the odoriferous introduction of gas water and puddle water, joined to a pleasant and healthy amalgamation of all the impurities of the common sewers.

The pizza was good, and the ambience was pleasant, though hardly elegant.

He was only quite at ease when having poured several glasses of wine mechanically into his large mouth he felt a pleasant warmth in his body, an amiability toward all his fellows, and a readiness to respond superficially to every idea without probing it deeply.

Pleasant talk and a thousand amorous kisses occupied the half hour just before supper, and our combat did not begin till we had eaten a delicious repast, washed down with plenty of champagne.

Next night I broke the bank held by the Prince the Cassaro, a pleasant and rich nobleman, who asked me to give him revenge, and invited me to supper at his pretty house at Posilipo, where he lived with a virtuosa of whom he had become amorous at Palermo.

Donna Ignazia began a pleasant and amorous discourse, thinking the girl to be as learned in the laws of love as herself.

That exchange put me in a less than pleasant mood, and when Amrita emerged in her silk robe she took one look in the bag and announced that it was the wrong fabric.

Vpon the other Anaglyph, I did behold a merrie and pleasant maiesticall personage, like a yoong fat boye, crowned with two folding serpents, one white, and the other blacke, tied into a knot.

The voice was low, and Ancar had the feeling it could be pleasant, even seductive, if the owner chose.

We stayed at Cannes about two months, and except for the fact that Aunt Dahlia lost her shirt at baccarat and Angela nearly got inhaled by a shark while aquaplaning, a pleasant time was had by all.

The Archdeacon remarked that discovering the constitution of the Catholic Church was a much pleasanter game than tennis, to which he had been invited that afternoon.

Jacob and Stephen Maturin had been talking about the pleasanter sides of their evening with Mr Wright as they sharpened their instruments on variety of hones and oilstones by the Argand light in the orlop.