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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lodge \Lodge\ (l[o^]j), n. [OE. loge, logge, F. loge, LL. laubia porch, gallery, fr. OHG. louba, G. laube, arbor, bower, fr. lab foliage. See Leaf, and cf. Lobby, Loggia.]

  1. A shelter in which one may rest; as:

    1. A shed; a rude cabin; a hut; as, an Indian's lodge.

      Their lodges and their tentis up they gan bigge [to build].
      --Robert of Brunne.

      O for a lodge in some vast wilderness!

    2. A small dwelling house, as for a gamekeeper or gatekeeper of an estate.

    3. A den or cave.

    4. The meeting room of an association; hence, the regularly constituted body of members which meets there; as, a masonic lodge. (c) The chamber of an abbot, prior, or head of a college.

  2. (Mining) The space at the mouth of a level next the shaft, widened to permit wagons to pass, or ore to be deposited for hoisting; -- called also platt.

  3. A collection of objects lodged together.

    The Maldives, a famous lodge of islands.
    --De Foe.

  4. A family of North American Indians, or the persons who usually occupy an Indian lodge, -- as a unit of enumeration, reckoned from four to six persons; as, the tribe consists of about two hundred lodges, that is, of about a thousand individuals.

    Lodge gate, a park gate, or entrance gate, near the lodge. See Lodge, n., 1 (b) .


Etymology 1 n. (obsolete spelling of plat lang=en nodot=1) ''or'' '''plot''' (gloss: scheme, plan, design, map). Etymology 2

n. (obsolete spelling of plat lang=en nodot=1) (gloss: material made by interweaving, especially material made by interweaving straw, used to make hats).


Platt may refer to:

Platt (surname)

Platt is a surname, and may refer to:

Usage examples of "platt".

It was between Colmar Manor and Bladensburg, just off SR 450, and if you were on the third floor in the unit Platt had rented, and if you stood in the kitchen sink and leaned out the window, you could indeed see the north fork of the Anacostia River--for what that was worth.

Hughes removed a thick manila envelope from his briefcase and tossed it at Platt, who caught it one-handed.

Naked, Platt lay on his stomach on the bed in the little hotel on C Street, not far from the Library of Congress.

BethesDa, Maryland On his back on the bench, Platt squared himself under the weight, put his hands on the bar in a false grip, and took a couple of deep breaths.

As he squared up on the bench press, Platt glanced around the inside of the place.

The other gym rat traded places with Baldy, then Baldy and Platt spotted him while he did his benches.

His sweats were already soaked, but Platt figured he could do a couple sets of chins and dips, no weight, alternating, to finish off his pump.

Anything that White could touch, Hughes could touch, and whatever Hughes had, Platt could play with.

Marietta, Georgia Platt sat in the kitchen of his house, the house that had belonged to his mother before she died, his laptop computer on the wooden table next to the fridge.

Miami Beach, Florida Platt strolled along one of the touristy streets near the canal, enjoying the seventy-degree weather.

Only Jimmy Tee was a con man, working the small cons by the time Platt had met him, though in his prime he had done a lot of second- and third-man parts in big stings.

Jimmy Tee having a weakness for good blended whisky, and the old man had taught Platt a major lesson.

Those little pansies who did leg extensions with fifty pounds and thought they were working out made Platt want to laugh.

Marietta, Georgia Platt was feeling damn good about his latest caper on the net.

For a second, Platt just stood there, staring at the beeping computer.