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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plash \Plash\, n. [OD. plasch. See Plash, v.]

  1. A small pool of standing water; a puddle.
    --Bacon. ``These shallow plashes.''

  2. A dash of water; a splash.


Plash \Plash\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Plashed; p. pr. & vb. n. Plashing.] [Cf. D. plassen, G. platschen. Cf. Splash.] To dabble in water; to splash. ``Plashing among bedded pebbles.''

Far below him plashed the waters.


Plash \Plash\, v. t.

  1. To splash, as water.

  2. To splash or sprinkle with coloring matter; as, to plash a wall in imitation of granite.


Plash \Plash\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Plashed; p. pr. & vb. n. Plashing.] [OF. plaissier, plessier, to bend. Cf. Pleach.] To cut partly, or to bend and intertwine the branches of; as, to plash a hedge.


Plash \Plash\, n. The branch of a tree partly cut or bent, and bound to, or intertwined with, other branches.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to splash," 1580s, from plash (n.) and also imitative (compare Dutch plassen, German platschen). Related: Plashed; plashing.


"small puddle, shallow pool, wet ground," Old English plæsc "pool of water, puddle," probably imitative (compare Dutch plass "pool"). Meaning "noise made by splashing" is first recorded 1510s.


"to interlace," late 15c., from Old French plaissier, from Latin plectere "to plait" (see complex (adj.)). Related: Plashed; plashing.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context UK dialectal English) A small pool of standing water; a puddle. 2 A splash, or the sound made by a splash. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To splash. 2 (context transitive English) To cause a splash. 3 (context transitive English) To splash or sprinkle with colouring matter. Etymology 2

n. The branch of a tree partly cut or bent, and bound to, or intertwined with, other branches. vb. (context transitive English) To cut partly, or to bend and intertwine the branches of.

  1. n. the sound like water splashing [syn: splash]

  2. v. interlace the shoots of; "pleach a hedge" [syn: pleach]

  3. dash a liquid upon or against; "The mother splashed the baby's face with water" [syn: spatter, splatter, splash, splosh, swash]


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Usage examples of "plash".

As if in answer, the kingfisher dropped with his musical plash, and swept back with exultant rattle to his watchtower.

Down deeper and deeper sank the laugh - then it died away - then a faint plash - and all was silent.

No wolf, for a year past, has been heard to bark, or known to range among the dwellings, except that single one, whose grisly head, with a plash of blood beneath it, is now affixed to the portal of the meeting-house.

After the rough-and-tumble of the rapids the serenity of the upper Kutai was a marvelous surprise -- a gondola ride into the forest primeval, engine howl replaced by the delicate plash of dipping paddles, the increasingly lush landscape slipping past at a leisurely, civilized pace.

There was no snick of the lock, but after a moment I heard the soft plash of flesh meeting water, and moved away.

The listening soul is full of dreams That shape the wondrous-varying themes As cries of men or plash of streams.

It was not music that the little maiden made to her ear, but only motion to her body, and just as the deaf who are deaf alone are sometimes found to take pleasure in all forms of percussion, and to derive from them some of the sensations of sound--the trembling of the air after thunder, the quivering of the earth after cannon, and the quaking of vast walls after the ringing of mighty bells--so Naomi, who was blind as well and had no sense save touch, found in her fingers, which had gathered up the force of all the other senses, the power to reproduce on this instrument of music the movement of things that moved about her--the patter of the leaves of the fig-tree in the patio of her home, the swirl of the great winds on the hill-top, the plash of rain on her face, and the rippling of the levanter in her hair.

But Naomi listened to every sound with eager intentness--the light plash of the blue wavelets that washed to her feet, the ripple of their crests when the Levanter chased them and caught them, the dip of the oars of the boatman, the rattle of the anchor-chains of ships in the bay, and the fierce vociferations of the negroes who waded up to their waists to unload the cargoes.

Yet down their sides plashed their tinsel hair, skein on skein, strand on strand.

Renardet, as he appeared, thought he heard a light sound, a faint plashing which was not that of the stream on the banks.

At times it was an indistinct plashing, like the cautious advance of a boat, then again a sharp noise like the rattle of an oar and then the sound of something dropping in the water.

And to the sound of the plashing waves the old, old story was told again.

With its pure sky, and its odour of warm pines, its deep cool shadows, its patines of bright gold where the sun penetrates, and then, plashing through it, this curling, dimpling, artificial torrent?

But all colour was lost in the soft and odorous darkness of the late September night, and all sounds were hushed in the deep charm of its silence, save the plashing of the water, like a voice half-sobbing and half-laughing under the shadows.

While the blood was still plashing from step to step, the leader of the rangers seized a torch, and applied it to the drapery of the shrine.