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n. 1 (plural of plan English) 2 Arrangements to go on a trip. vb. (en-third-person singular of: plan)

Plans (album)

Plans is the fifth studio album by indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie, released August 30, 2005 on Atlantic Records.

The album spawned three singles: " Soul Meets Body", " Crooked Teeth", and " I Will Follow You into the Dark", with all three songs charting. "Soul Meets Body" and "Crooked Teeth" reached number five and number ten, respectively, on the U.S. Alternative Songs chart. Although "I Will Follow You into the Dark" performed poorly in the charts compared to the previous singles, it eventually became Death Cab for Cutie's best-selling single to-date, and gained the band a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals the following year.

Plans peaked at number four on the Billboard 200, and received platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America on February 28, 2008. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album at the 48th Grammy Awards, held February 8, 2006.


People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools (PLANS) is an organization based in California in the United States which campaigns against the public funding of Waldorf methods charter schools alleging they violate the United States Constitution's separation of church and state. The group claims independent Waldorf schools and public Waldorf methods charter schools teach anthroposophical content, that this content is religious in nature, and that the schools disguise the anthroposophical content from the public. PLANS filed federal suit in 1998 against two California public school districts, Sacramento City Unified School District and Twin Ridges Elementary School District, to halt the Waldorf methods educational programs implemented in two of their schools. The case was ultimately dismissed on its merits in 2012.

The group was founded in 1995 and became a California non-profit corporation in 1997. Its founding officers, president Debra Snell and secretary Dan Dugan are former Waldorf school parents. The organization numbered less than 50 members when the lawsuit was brought.

Plans (song)

"Plans" is the second single from Australian alternative rock band Birds of Tokyo's self-titled third album, Birds of Tokyo. The song proved to be their most successful single to date, peaking at #11 on the Australian Singles Chart and becoming their first ever single to hit the top 50 in Australia. "Plans" was performed by the group at the 2010 ARIA Awards, in which the song was nominated for "Single of the Year". It was voted #4 in Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown of 2010. As of September 2012, "Plans" has been certified triple platinum by ARIA with sales exceeding 210,000.

Usage examples of "plans".

Franks had taken on his assignment with enthusiasm, drawn up force requirements, tested the 1003 plan in computerized war games, spent considerable time in Kuwait, and worked on plans for a new headquarters that would command all of the allied ground forces in the event of war.

The president and his men would not only be evaluating the Iraqi war plans, but taking the measure of the man who might command the invasion.

Contingency plans for a Turkish front--clumsily code-named Pilgrim--were drawn up, but the White House would be asking a lot from the Turks.

If the Generated Start took too long, CENTCOM could invoke the Red, White, and Blue air strike plans and use them, in effect, as a bridge to a land war.

Michael Boyce, the head of the British Defence Staff, described the two plans Franks had put before the White House.

The existing war plans that derived from the experience of the Gulf War were put aside even when they had proved successful, if unimaginative to Rumsfeld.

There would be a two-day session involving Franks and his air, land, and sea commanders on December 7 and 8, a get-together that was dubbed a Rock Drill, an allusion to the days when commanders sketched out their war plans with rocks and sticks in the dirt instead of with PowerPoint.

Transportation Command, and had been given an earful on how the transportation plans had been severely disrupted.

The doctored plans indicated that the war would not begin until a large invasion force was in place, a force much larger than the one McKiernan planned to initiate Cobra II.

Bush administration during his successful campaign for reelection by deriding American plans to topple Saddam Hussein and declaring that his country would not participate in the war.

CENTCOM, the military was so persuaded that Iraq had and would use chemical or biological weapons that Buzz Moseley was drawing up plans to strike suspected WMD sites.

In briefing his war plans at the White House, Rumsfeld would routinely retrieve the slides and take them back to the Defense Department.

Fuel would have to be made available and another Rock Drill should be scheduled to examine plans to distribute water, food, and fuel, Whitley said.

Holding up a folder for top secret documents, Keating told the sailors that he had the classified plans that would have allied jets and missiles hurtling toward Iraq to unseat Saddam.

McKiernan finalized the plans to move up the ground attack, he had scheduled the invasion to begin at dawn on March 21.