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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ An Add-A-Plane jig and planer I normally use to thickness ¼in strips for canoe building provided the answer.
▪ But so urgent was getting the planer working that this time Taylor yielded.
▪ Leave enough for one careful pass on the planer.
▪ Taylor wanted to move the planer clear out of the way and position the anchor bolts by means of a template.
▪ The shape is similar to most power planers, but there is no secondary handle on the front of the machine.
▪ This is the company's only power planer in this market.
▪ We were very impressed with the noise suppression on this planer, as most planers tend to be as noisy as routers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Planer \Plan"er\, n.

  1. One who, or that which, planes; a planing machine; esp., a machine for planing wood or metals.

  2. (Print.) A wooden block used for forcing down the type in a form, and making the surface even.

    Planer centers. See under Center.


a. (en-comparative of: plane) n. 1 A woodworking tool which smooths a surface or makes one surface of a workpiece parallel to the tool's bed. 2 A large machine tool in which the workpiece is traversed linearly (by means of a reciprocating bed) beneath a single-point cutting tool. (Analogous to a shaper but larger and with the workpiece moving instead of the tool.) Planers can generate various shapes, but were most especially used to generate large, accurate flat surfaces. The planer is nowadays obsolescent, having been mostly superseded by large milling machine. 3 (context archaic printing English) A wooden block used for forcing down the type in a form, and making the surface even.


n. a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood [syn: plane, planing machine]


The term planer may refer to several types of carpentry tools, woodworking machines or metalworking machine tools.

  • Plane (tool): a hand tool used to produce flat surfaces by shaving the surface of the wood
  • Thickness planer (North America) or thicknesser (UK and Australia): a woodworking machine for making boards of even thickness
  • Planer (metalworking): a metalworking machine-tool having a reciprocating work table and a stationary cutting tool
  • Jointer (North America) or planer (UK and Australia): a woodworking machine for making flat surfaces and straight edges on boards
Planer (metalworking)

A planer is a type of metalworking machine tool that uses linear relative motion between the workpiece and a single-point cutting tool to cut the work piece. A planer is similar to a shaper, but larger, and with workpiece moving, whereas in a shaper the cutting tool moves.

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Usage examples of "planer".

Antique dealers and fakers think of automatic electric planers, gouging drills you work with a button while having coffee and a fag.

The few available stationary steam engines worked twenty-four hour shifts in those early days, and the first thing they were given to do was the running of lathes and stompers and planers and millers working on turning out more stationary steam engines, of all sizes.

Past a sawmill, whose shrieking headrig and growling planers they could hear from the road four hundred yards away.

The Kzin knew much about relativity weapons, anti-matter, neutron bombs, gravity planers, heat induction and now, as a result of contact with humans, the lethal properties of ramscoop fields and reaction drives in general.

He had the expected table, power miter, radial-arm and band saws, a thickness planer, wood lathe, workbench and shop vacuum.

West's expert eye skimmed over stand-alone tools such as a drill press, a drum sander, bench grinder, jointer, thickness planer, shaper, and all the expected chisels, Forstner bits, wire-brush wheels, brad-point bits, plug cutter, countersink set.

The cellar had been Henry Petrie's domain, and it reflected his personality perfectly: Three high-intensity lights had been hung in a straight line over the work area, each shaded with a wide metal shell that allowed the light to fall with strong brilliance on the planer, the jigsaw, the bench saw, the lathe, the electric sander.

Physicists, parasailors, hang gliding aficionados, government officials, scuba enthusiasts, radio astronomers, sky divers, aqua planers, and the world SETI community all wanted to attend.

Besides cutting logs into rough lumber, there was a drying kiln, and power-operated planers, joiners, and routers.

The planer held the ship immobile while the stinger fired, and a stream of ultrahard gamma rays ran back up the beam coming from the orbiting flagship.