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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Pitt -- U.S. County in North Carolina
Population (2000): 133798
Housing Units (2000): 58408
Land area (2000): 651.576653 sq. miles (1687.575713 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 3.191593 sq. miles (8.266188 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 654.768246 sq. miles (1695.841901 sq. km)
Located within: North Carolina (NC), FIPS 37
Location: 35.589908 N, 77.391082 W
Pitt, NC
Pitt County
Pitt County, NC

Pitt is a surname of British origin. Used on its own, in Europe or History it most commonly refers to one of two British statesmen:

  • William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham (William Pitt the Elder) (1708–1778), British Prime Minister & 1st Earl of Chatham 1766–1768
  • William Pitt the Younger, British Prime Minister 1783–1801 and 1804–1806, son of Pitt the Elder

In the U.S. mainly in education or sports it most commonly refers to:

  • University of Pittsburgh ("Pitt"), located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Pitt Panthers, the athletic teams of the University of Pittsburgh
  • It may also refer to Pittsburg State University ("Pitt State"), located in Pittsburg, Kansas

In American popular culture it commonly refers to:

  • Brad Pitt (born 1963), an American actor

It may also refer to the following people:

  • Andrew Pitt, motorcycle racer from New South Wales, Australia
  • Charles Redding Pitt (born 1944), attorney and current chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party (2003–2007)
  • Courtney Pitt, English footballer
  • David Pitt, Baron Pitt of Hampstead, (1913–1994), civil rights campaigner and Labour politician in the United Kingdom
  • Harvey Pitt, former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Ingrid Pitt (born 1937 in Poland), actress in horror films of the 1960s and 70s
  • Kalanimoku (1768-1827), a prominent Hawaiian official given the name William Pitt by visiting Europeans
  • Karnail Pitts, former D-12 artist
  • Malcolm Pitt (1897–1985), American college sports coach
  • Michael Pitt (born 1981), an American actor
  • Thomas Pitt (1653–1726), English merchant, grandfather of Pitt the Elder
  • William Pitt (architect) (1855–1918), architect working in Melbourne, Australia
  • William Pitt (engineer) of New Brunswick, Canada, inventor of the underwater cable ferry in the early 1900s
  • William Fox-Pitt (born 1969), British three-day eventing rider
  • Bill Pitt (born 1937), British politician; was Liberal Member of Parliament 1981-1983
  • William Rivers Pitt, leftist author and essayist

Pitt also refers to:

  • Pitt, Hampshire, a hamlet in Hursley parish, Hampshire, England
  • Pitt River, British Columbia, Canada
  • Pit River, also known as Pitt River, California, United States
  • River Pitt, Somerset, England
Pitt (comics)

Pitt is a fictional character who appears in a comics series by American publisher Full Bleed Studios. Created by Dale Keown, he first appeared in Pitt #1 ( cover dated January 1993). Pitt is a human/ alien hybrid, created by an alien race known as the Creed, genetically engineered to serve as a killing machine. He appears more alien than human, with red, pupil-less eyes, gray skin, absence of a nose, sharp oversized teeth and large talons.

Pitt (East Indiaman)

Two vessels with the name Pitt, after Pitt the Elder, have served as East Indiamen for the East India Company (EIC).

  • ''Pitt, was the former French East Indiaman Pondichéry, which the British captured in 1757. Private owners purchased her and renamed her Pitt. She then made three voyages for the EIC, the first, under Captain William Wilson, resulting in the mapping of Pitt's Passage, and Pitt Strait. She disappears from records after her third voyage.
  • Pitt, launched in 1780 as Fortitude,was captured and recaptured on her maiden voyage. She later made five voyages for the EIC between 1786 and 1798; during this time she also made one voyage transporting convicts from Britain to Port Jackson, New South Wales. She was sold in 1798 and broken up in 1801.

Usage examples of "pitt".

Pitt stared in rapt fascination at both pairs of rounded hips as they rotated in a fluidlike motion that was, or so Pitt imagined, suggestive of two beachballs caught in the same swirling whirlpool.

For a minute he was poised there, watching helplessly as the others shot to the surface, never once noticing that Pitt had missed their bubblelike elevator.

I was listening at my post when Pitts sold the information to Cheryl Anne, who seemed to be pleased to learn her father was a philanderer.

Were you aware that Miss Zuckerman spied on Pitts through the hole in the ladies room of the lounge, and overheard him selling certain information to Cheryl Anne?

Pitt snaked through the open door of the wheel-house and into its ominous, cryptlike interior.

The other man, Pitt recognized as one of the deckhands, merely looked blank.

Nor do I believe that all the imagination, fire, and judgment of Pitt, could have produced those orations that have made the senate of England, in these our times, a rival in eloquence to Greece and Rome, if he had not been so well read in the writings of Demosthenes and Cicero, as to have transferred their whole spirit into his speeches, and, with their spirit, their knowledge too.

Pitts the peeper, peaches, Parchester, plagiarism, Paula, principals, pouters, poisonous pits, and parades!

Then, very slowly, Pitt gently inserted the papers back in the cylinder, screwed on the cap, and carefully rewrapped the yellow cover.

William Wilberforce, in a campaign forged with his lifelong friend William Pitt, spearheaded a movement that resulted, in 1807, in the abolition of the slave trade in the British empire.

Not an insignificant number, either, considering how Pitts and Lee have gotten stiffed in the past.

When he had his hands firmly on the air valves, March nodded and Pitt dropped beside him and tightened down the hatch.

Then Pitt hauled Farris up into the escape tube while the other seaman began opening the valves to let the sea into the lower compartment.

Bay territory, viz., from Jasper House by Edmonton, Carlton, and Fort Pitt to Fort Garry, would be the proper route for a telegraph.

Like Pitt, he was dressed casually in slacks and a flowered Hawaiian aloha shirt.