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Pīti in Pali ( Sanskrit: Prīti) is a mental factor (Pali:cetasika, Sanskrit: chaitasika) associated with the concentrative absorption (Sanskrit: dhyana; Pali: jhana) of Buddhist meditation. Piti is a very specific joy associated with a state of deep tranquillity. It is often translated with the English words "joy" or " rapture" and is distinguished from the longer-lasting meditative "pleasure" or "happiness" (Pali, Sanskrit: sukha) that arises along with pīti.


Piti may refer to:

  • Francisco Medina Luna (born 1981), nicknamed Piti, Spanish footballer
  • the Piti language of Nigeria
  • Pīti, a mental factor in Buddhism
  • PITI, mortgage term
  • Piti (food)
  • Piti Guns, heritage site
  • Piti, Guam
  • P'iti or Piti, a mountain in the Lima Region, Peru
Piti (food)

Piti is a soup in the cuisines of the Caucasus, it's bordering nations, and Central Asia, and is prepared in the oven in individual crocks with a glazed interior (called piti in Turkic languages). It is made with mutton and vegetables ( tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas), infused with saffron water to add flavour and colour, all covered by a lump of fat, and cooked in a sealed crock. Piti is served in the crock, usually accompanied by an additional plate for "disassembling" the meat and the liquid part with vegetables, which may be eaten separately as the first (soup with vegs) and second (meat) course meal.

Piti is particularly popular in Azerbaijan, Iran (where it is mostly called Dizi or Abgusht), Tajikistan, and Armenia (where it is called putuk from the Armenian word for crock).

In Azerbaijan, Piti is eaten in two steps. First, bread is crumpled in the additional plate and sprinkled with a purple mix of spices. Then, the broth is poured over it and the resulting mixture is consumed as a hearty soup. Second, more crumpled bread is added to the same plate and the remainder of the Piti (the lump of mutton fat, the meat and the vegetables) is poured over, sprinkled with the same spices, mixed together so as to break down the fat and then eaten.

Piti (footballer)

Francisco Medina Luna (born 26 May 1981), known as Piti, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Rayo Vallecano as a winger or a forward.