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Sukha is a Sanskrit and Pali word that is often translated happiness, ease, pleasure or bliss. From the time of the earliest early scriptures, sukha is set up as a contrast to preya "pleasure", where sukha is a deep and authentic positive, fulfilling state of being that is lasting and not merely transient and ultimately unsatisfying, requiring constant modification, like preya. In the Pāli Canon, the term is used in the context of describing laic pursuits, meditative absorptions and intra-psychic phenomena.

Sukha (disambiguation)

Sukha is a Sanskrit and Pāli word that is often translated as “happiness" or "ease" or "pleasure" or "bliss."

Sukha may also refer to:

  • Sukhdev Singh Sukha, Indian assassin
  • Sukha Singh
  • Labh Singh, also known as Sukha Sipahi, former Punjab police officer
  • Surat Sukha, Thai footballer
  • Suree Sukha, Thai footballer