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Luís Pedro de Freitas Pinto Trabulo (born 22 August 1994), known as Pité, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for C.D. Tondela on loan from FC Porto as a midfielder.

Usage examples of "pite".

But who can tell when I might happen to run into Pite or one of the others again?

Kerthin gave no sign that she knew Pite was there, and neither did Bram.

When the shuttle landed and cooled down enough for exit, Pite was the first one out.

Bram looked for him in the electric jitney to the terminal, but Pite did not reappear.

Bram dated the change in Kerthin from the visit to the orbiting tree, when she had covered up for Pite, and that had been months ago.

He opened the oval port and saw Pite standing there with two bulky shadows behind him.

Bram could do anything about it, Pite pushed his way into the chamber, followed by his two hulking friends.

The fellow with the broken nose and the bumpy skull, Spak, edged a step closer, his oversize arm muscles working like independent creatures, and glanced toward Pite as if waiting for a signal.

Bram saw her right away, bunched with a small group that included Pite, Fraz, and Eena.

In the shocked silence that followed, Pite stepped forward with a grin.

Bram thought there had been nine or ten in his own shuttle load and probably about the same number in the shuttle that had ferried Pite and Kerthin.

Bram could see the burn marks from the electrical device Pite had used near the lower waist: a circle of round dots that were raw purple against the yellow skin.

The fifty or so people in the chamber milled about uselessly, but Pite and another section leader were gradually whipping them into shape.

The actions of Pite, who had murdered Voth, would weigh in that collective scale along with the actions of Ang, whose crime had been to play the violin.

A stir of interest passed along the benches, and Bram saw that Pite had been summoned to the fence.