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PiQ (magazine)

PiQ was a short-lived American popular culture magazine that was published by PiQ, LLC, a subsidiary of A.D. Vision, from March through July 2008. Launched as a replacement for the magazine Newtype USA, which was discontinued in February 2008, PiQ went beyond anime and manga to include coverage on video games popular American comics and television series.

PiQ started with the Newtype USA staff and its 15,000 subscribers, who received two PiQ issues for every one of Newtype USA remaining on their accounts. The first issue was received with mixed reviews by readers and critics. After only four issues, the magazine was abruptly discontinued in July 2008, which the editorial staff blamed on low revenue, bad management, and lack of marketing.



Piq may refer to:

  • PIQ (company), a French consumer electronics company specialized in connected sport
  • PiQ (magazine), an American popular culture magazine
  • Performance IQ, a sub-type of an intelligence test
  • Prefetch input queue, pre-fetched computer instructions stored in a data structure
  • Property Information Questionnaire, a document completed by the seller of a property
PIQ (company)

PIQ is French based company specialized in software and services for sensors. PIQ operates a platform and multi sport connected sensors. PIQ wearable is manufactured by Foxconn. PIQ was founded in 2015 by Cedric Mangaud and Ongan Mordeniz. PIQ is player in the connected sport industry. PIQ designs, manufactures and commercializes PIQ a smart multi-sport sensor. This sensor measures movement, digitizes performance and sets challenges.