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n. (plural of pin English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pin)


PINS may refer to:

  • A person in need of supervision, a US social services term to describe a juvenile not currently in the household of a parent or legal guardian
  • The Planning Inspectorate for England and Wales, a government agency responsible for determining final outcomes of town planning and enforcement appeals
  • PINS (band) a Manchester-based all-girl rock band
PINS (band)

PINS are an English rock band, formed in Manchester in 2011. The group consists of singer/guitarist Faith Holgate, guitarist Lois McDonald, bassist Anna Donigan, and drummer Sophie Galpin. Singer Faith Holgate cites bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Hole as influences.

Usage examples of "pins".

He straightened his shoulders and clacked two pins together within his grip.

Drawing himself straight, his arms lax at his sides, the pins were forgotten for the moment.

He pins her, presses a spot in her back that touches off further thrashing.

Then, pins in hand, I crossed the aisle to the long section of middle windows.

Ignoring Robert still sitting in the chair, she removed the pins from her hair, the strands tumbling down to cover her shoulders.

Her hair tumbled down to her waist, free of the pins that she had lost somewhere along the way.

Double Pointers and Flaws, Pins of Uberwald and Genua, First Steps in Pins, Adventures in Acuphilia .

Monthly, New Pins, Practical Pins, Modern Pins, Pins Extra, Pins International, Talking Pins, Pins World, World Pins, World of Pins, Pins and Pinneries .

The rush hour for pin buying must have been nearly over, because there were only a few laggards ogling the pins under glass, or thumbing through the racks.

The doorbell jangled as the last of the customers, sated on pins for one day, stepped out.

Imperials, one or two oddities like an unbroken pair or a double-header, the occasional cheap packet of mixed pins on approval .

The boy, his panic subsumed by the joy of pins, was holding his new acquisition up to the light.

Beside him was his large desktop magnifying glass and, by his feet, a sack of miscellaneous pins bought last week from a retiring needlewoman.

Non-collectors were woefully unconcerned about pins, treating them as if they were no more than thin pointy bits of metal for sticking things to other things.

The world shone like the pins so neatly ranged on the felt rolled out in front of him.