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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Groundnut \Ground"nut`\ (ground"n[u^]t`), n. (Bot.)

  1. The fruit of the Arachis hypog[ae]a (native country uncertain); the peanut; the earthnut.

  2. A leguminous, twining plant ( Apios tuberosa), producing clusters of dark purple flowers and having a root tuberous and pleasant to the taste.

  3. The dwarf ginseng ( Aralia trifolia). [U. S.]

  4. A European plant of the genus Bunium ( B. flexuosum), having an edible root of a globular shape and sweet, aromatic taste; -- called also earthnut, earth chestnut, hawknut, and pignut.


n. 1 The edible tuber of '''', native to western Europe. 2 (context US English) Any of various types of hickory or their fruits; a hognut.


n. an American hickory tree having bitter nuts [syn: pignut hickory, brown hickory, black hickory, Carya glabra]

Usage examples of "pignut".

It contained vegetables that had been cooked that morning: daylily buds, cut pieces of the green stems of poke, elder shoots, thistle stems, burdock stems, coiled baby ferns, and lily corms, flavored with wild basil, elderberry flowers, and pignut roots for added spice.

Red pignut hickory and Parmelia conspersa lichen, both found primarily in Central Park.