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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Picts \Picts\, n. pl.; sing. Pict. [L. Picti; cf. AS. Peohtas.] (Ethnol.) A race of people of uncertain origin, who inhabited Scotland in early times.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

an ancient people of Great Britain, late 14c., from Late Latin Picti (late 3c., probably a nickname given them by Roman soldiers), usually taken as derived from picti "painted," but probably ultimately from the Celtic name of the tribe, perhaps Pehta, Peihta, literally "the fighters" (compare Gaulish Pictavi, a different people, who gave the name to the French city of Poitiers). They painted and tattooed themselves, which may have suggested a Roman folk-etymology alteration of the name. The Old English name for the people was Peohtas.In Scottish folk-lore the Pechts are often represented as a dark pygmy race, or an underground people; and sometimes identified with elves, brownies, or fairies. [OED]\nRelated: Pictish; Pictland.


PICT is a graphics file format introduced on the original Apple Macintosh computer as its standard metafile format. It allows the interchange of graphics (both bitmapped and vector), and some limited text support, between Mac applications, and was the native graphics format of QuickDraw.

The PICT file format consists essentially of serialized QuickDraw opcodes. The original version, PICT 1, was designed to be as compact as possible while describing vector graphics. To this end, it featured single byte opcodes, many of which embodied operations such as "do the previous operation again". As such it was quite memory efficient, but not very expandable. With the introduction of the Macintosh II and Color QuickDraw, PICT was revised to version 2. This version featured 16-bit opcodes and numerous changes which enhanced its utility. PICT 1 opcodes were supported as a subset for backward compatibility.

Within a Mac application, any sequence of drawing operations could be simply recorded/encoded to the PICT format by opening a "Picture", then closing it after issuing the required commands. By saving the resulting byte stream as a resource, a PICT resource resulted, which could be loaded and played back at any time. The same stream could be saved to a data file on disk (with 512 bytes of unused header space added) as a PICT file.

With the change to OS X and discontinuation of QuickDraw, PICT was dropped in favor of Portable Document Format (PDF) as the native metafile format, though PICT support is retained by many applications as it was so widely supported on Classic Mac OS.

Pict (programming language)

Pict is a statically typed programming language, one of the very few based on the π-calculus. Work on the language began at the University of Edinburgh in 1992, and development has been more or less dormant since 1998. The language is still at an experimental stage.

Pict (disambiguation)

Pict or PICT may refer to:

  • Picts, a group of Late Iron Age and Early Mediaeval Celtic people living in eastern and northern Scotland.
  • Pict (programming language), a statically typed programming language based on the π-calculus.
  • PICT, a graphics file format introduced on the original Apple Macintosh computer as its standard metafile format.
  • Parliamentary Information and Communication Technology Service
  • Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre
  • Pollution-induced community tolerance
  • Pune Institute of Computer Technology
  • Pakistan International Container Terminal

Usage examples of "pict".

I cannot believe that any part of Poitain is so crowded that folk with their wits about them would flee to a land where a Pict can spit in their soup kettles any evening.

A barefoot Pict can skip lightly where a booted and battle-ready soldier will sink.

No Pict is ever easy prey, but one with an empty belly gives honest men a fighting chance.

They were even leaving the weapons of the dead, and it takes great fear to make a Pict do that.

Even a Pict commonly wary of sorcery would lose fear of wizardry and all else in his war-frenzy, and slay what stood before him without caring much what it was.

Conan threw a spear that impaled one Pict through the back of the neck, until the spearhead burst from his mouth in a shower of blood and teeth.

He threw another stone that caught a second Pict just above his loincloth.

The Pict stumbled and ran into a tree hard enough to knock himself senseless.

The trees hid them and the Picts from each other, and Conan trusted that he was a match for any Pict they might stumble across at close range.

Govindue shifted his grip and thrust hard before the Pict could draw clear.

She hoped that was far enough, for the woman was of no race she had ever seen, darker than either Pict or Shemite, with rounded features.

The Cimmerian was first to see the leaves trembling, revealing a lurking live Pict where others might have seen only the dead.

He was still moving when the mortally wounded Pict leapt into the open.

The Pict died, and she made sure that he died in silence by clamping a hand over his mouth until his last breath had passed.

A cloak from a dead Pict kept out some of the wind, but even the gentlest breeze in this land seemed to pierce like an arrow.